Jean-Bernard Fourtillan was remanded in custody on Tuesday because of his repeated refusal to respect his legal obligations.

Speaking in the controversial documentary "Hold-Up" on the Covid, the latter is targeted by an investigation concerning a completely different subject.

The professor has been indicted since March 2020 in a judicial information from the public health pole of the Paris court, for the tests he is accused of having carried out without authorization on more than 350 patients, in particular with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

These trials, which consisted of administering hormones - valentonine, which the professor claims to have discovered in 1994, and 6-methoxy-harmalan - were organized by the Josefa Fund, created by the professor and his wife, and held in an abbey near Poitiers.

Fourtillan no longer responded to any summons

"The justice presented you with an alternative by giving you obligations, but you said, even today, that you would not respect them", underlined the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) during a hearing at the Paris court, in the presence of some support from the 77-year-old professor, figure of the covid-skeptic and anti-vaccine sphere.

"Detention is the last solution," lamented the magistrate.

Referring to "a difficult decision to make", given the teacher's age and his lack of danger, she added: "I decided (...) that you should go to prison for a while".

The JLD indicated that Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, who no longer responded to any summons from the courts, would be questioned in the coming weeks by the investigating judge, suggesting the possibility of a rapid review of his detention.

"They wanted to eliminate me"

Jean-Bernard Fourtillan was arrested Thursday in Chaudes-Aigues (Cantal), under an arrest warrant issued by the magistrate in charge of the investigation, for non-compliance with his legal obligations: he is accused of not -payment of his deposit of 10,000 euros and resumption of contact prohibited with his patients. The examining magistrate had already tried to force him to appear in December, but the professor, then arrested in the Gard, had to be hospitalized for a few days in psychiatry.

"They wanted to eliminate me because I said that the virus" responsible for the Covid "was created by the Pasteur Institute", supported the professor, mask on the chin in the box.

Jean-Bernard Fourtillan declared to be convinced that this thesis, expressed in November in the documentary “Hold-Up” and repeatedly refuted since, was at the origin of his two arrests.

"Professor with us!", "Free Fourtillan!", Proclaimed Tuesday after the hearing about twenty of his supporters who were watching for the exit of the prison van.



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