China News Service, April 20. The Qingpu Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau announced on the 20th that the woman involved in the "Tesla Motor Show Encountered Car Owner's Rights Protection" incident was put under administrative detention for five days. A certain was given an administrative warning for disrupting public order.

  According to reports, at about 11:24 on April 19, 2021, Qingpu Public Security Bureau received a report that someone was making trouble in a booth at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The police immediately rushed to the scene for disposal.

  After investigation, Zhang (female, 32 years old) and Li (female, 31 years old) went to the auto show on the same day to express their dissatisfaction due to a consumer dispute with the brand company.

During the period, the two people used arbitrary noisy and other methods in the booth area, which once caused chaos on the scene.

Zhang also ignored the staff's dissuasion and forcibly climbed onto the roof of a show car, causing damage to the vehicle to a certain extent.

Currently, Zhang has been sentenced to administrative detention for five days for disrupting public order, and Li has been given an administrative warning for disrupting public order.

  According to previous reports, on April 19, the first day of the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show Media Day, a woman wearing a T-shirt with the words "Brake Failure" stood on the roof of a Tesla show car at the Tesla booth, shouting loudly : "The brakes failed."

  Tesla's official response stated that the car owner obtained credentials through an unconventional method to enter the exhibition hall, broadcast live around the booth, revealing a customized rights protection T-shirt, and boarded the roof to shout.

After noticing the behavior, the on-site staff repeatedly verbalized persuasion, but the owner did not stop the relevant behavior.

After the on-site staff negotiated with the exhibition organizer, the organizer considered that the behavior seriously affected the normal order of the exhibition, and coordinated security and public security law enforcement personnel to persuade the owner to leave the car.