Following the clandestine dinners affair, Sophie Davant spoke about Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the collector at the heart of the scandal but also ex-columnist of his show

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"He did what he wanted," she told

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I think it's a shame, it's a waste.

He is someone who could have contributed so much with his knowledge and his madness if he had known how to manage himself.

And there alas, I am sad because I find that he is sinking into excesses that he could avoid ”.


The person did not, it seems, not appreciate this outing, since he went there from his little comment on Twitter: "Hello team spirit!"


Pierre-Jean Chalençon looks back on his departure from a

concluded Business

and criticizes the lack of support from the team and from Sophie Davant at the time: “As my grandmother would say… Advisors are not the payers.

I love Sophie, she is a good friend, but frankly I observe that when I left the


… Nobody flinched!

So nothing added ”.

And Sophie Davant, something to add?

No ?

So much the better.


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