The bereaved families have requested the cancellation of Sagamihara City's policy to ignite the Tokyo Paralympic torch at a facility for people with intellectual disabilities where 19 people were killed five years ago.

In response to this, Mayor Kentaro Motomura said on the 20th, "I want to make a comprehensive decision, including changing the location."

About the Tokyo Paralympic Torch Sagamihara City wants to show its determination to realize a symbiotic society at the intellectually disabled facility "Tsukui Yamayurien" where 19 people were killed and 26 people were seriously injured in the incident five years ago. Last month we announced a policy to fire.

On the other hand, the bereaved families of some victims and the families of the victims are requesting the city to stop because they feel "uncomfortable".

In response to this, Mayor Kentaro Motomura said at a press conference on the 20th, "I apologize for making the announcement without explaining it to the bereaved family and family members in advance. I must regret not having been close to everyone." I apologize.

Then, after clarifying that he sent a letter to the bereaved family and the victim's family to hear their opinions, "I decided to not weather the incident, so I proposed to set fire at Yamayurien, but I sympathize with it. If we can't get it done, we don't think we can do it. "

After that, he said, "I would like to take your opinions seriously and make a comprehensive judgment including the change of location," and expressed his intention to reach a conclusion as early as this month.