Jess Glynne has deleted her social media accounts,

The Sun



The British singer received death threats from anonymous troll accounts via her Instagram and Twitter, according to insiders, after making insulting statements about trans people earlier this year.

The 31-year-old singer has had "very tough weeks", according to the sources.

For example, she would be harassed every day by hundreds of hate messages on her social channels.

Closing her accounts seemed like the only solution.

Glynne was discredited when she told in a podcast about a visit to a strip club with trans people.

When an audio clip of the conversation ended up on the internet, Glynne was criticized for her use of language.

In the podcast she talks about a "strip club with




is an English term for a trans man or woman, which is often seen as negative.

In March, she wrote an extensive message on Instagram in which she apologized. "I know that sorry is not enough in this case. I have been making mistakes all my life and I have found that the only benefit of mistakes is that you learn from them," she wrote at the time.