JAXA = A group of hackers who received instructions from the Chinese People's Liberation Army in an investigation by police authorities after a large-scale cyber attack on about 200 research institutes and companies in Japan, such as the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and defense-related companies. It turned out that it seems to be due to.

The Metropolitan Police Department has sent documents to a Chinese Communist Party man who has stayed in Japan for contracting a rental server used for cyber attacks under a pseudonym.

The document was sent to a man in his thirties who is a system engineer and a member of the Chinese Communist Party who has stayed in Japan.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, JAXA = Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has been suspected of illegally creating and using private electromagnetic records, alleging that it contracted a rental server used when it was hit by a cyber attack in 2016 under a pseudonym.

According to investigators, the ID for using the server was passed on to a group of Chinese hackers called "Tick", and it is believed that the attack was carried out under the direction of the PLA.

It is estimated that about 200 organizations in Japan were targeted by cyber attacks, but according to the people concerned, several major electronics manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi, as well as Keio University and Hitotsubashi University are conducting advanced research. It means that the university is included.

Police officials are increasing vigilance and collecting information, saying that China is aiming for confidential information in Japan under the systematic instructions of the military.