In the United States, two people were killed in an accident in an apparently autonomous Tesla car.

As several US media reported on Sunday, the car hit a tree north of Houston at high speed and went up in flames.

The car had gone off the road in a curve.

According to a local TV station, it should have been a Tesla Model S.

 "Our preliminary investigation suggests - but it has not yet been completed - that no one was behind the wheel of this vehicle," police officer Mark Herman told the Wall Street Journal.

The determination of the cause of the accident continues, but: "We are almost 99.9 percent sure."

When the police arrived, the report said one of the victims was in the passenger seat and the other in the back seat.

Herman said police have not yet been able to determine whether the driver-side airbag had deployed and whether the car's driver assistance system was active at the time of the accident.


Tesla warns on its website that its driver assistance systems do not make the cars fully autonomous and that active monitoring by the driver is necessary.

In the online networks, however, you can often see videos in which drivers have not had their hands on the steering wheel for a long time or have even fallen asleep.

However, the company points out that the person in the driver's seat must have their hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take the wheel at all times.

Although the functions would become more and more powerful over time, they currently do not make the vehicle autonomous.