The hottest golden week in history hits red tourism continues to heat up

  "May 1st domestic outing is expected to reach 200 million person-times" on the hot search.

According to media reports, from the perspective of leading indicators such as search volume of tourist destinations, flight and hotel bookings, May Day this year is expected to become the hottest golden week in history.

Among them, red tourism, inter-provincial long-distance travel, exploring new secrets, etc. are widely favored.

  This year's May Day holiday is the first five-day holiday after the epidemic has stabilized.

The data shows that passenger travel demand has surged. Judging from the current sales status of airlines, it has surpassed the same period in 2019, and may become the most prosperous May Day holiday in history.

  It is worth noting that 2021 is the year of red tourism, and the red tourism during the May 1st holiday is also very popular. Airlines and railway departments have launched red special trains and red routes one after another.

As red tourism has gradually become a new hot spot in China's domestic tourism economy, tourists' travel methods have also become "customized."

  Red tourist routes and classic scenic spots can be used for sightseeing, understanding the history of revolution, increasing knowledge of revolutionary struggle, learning the spirit of revolutionary struggle, and cultivating new spirit of the times. In recent years, they have gradually become a tourism culture.

  Recently, China Southern Airlines announced that it will launch a customized red tour service with a dedicated person to plan the itinerary. All the itineraries will be arranged at a "one price", and seats will be given priority.

At present, the airline has launched a number of red tourism routes such as "Shanghai, Jiaxing 3-day tour", "Nanchang, Jinggangshan, Ruijin 3-day tour" and so on.

  Railway departments have also launched "red special trains."

In March of this year, the first Jinggangshan meeting teacher train departed from Jinggangshan Station, and it was loaded with more than 400 tourists to visit the red tourist destinations in the three provinces of Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian.

In April, the Yangtze River Delta's first red tourist train this year also sailed to Jinggangshan.

  Some tourism platforms have also divided the "Red Tourism" into separate zones. On the red tourism electronic map, the layout of well-known red scenic spots in various places can be seen at a glance.

Among the classic routes of the Beijing tour, Zhongshan Park, the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, the China Millennium Monument, and the Soong Ching Ling Former Residence have become new popular attractions; in Shanghai, the site of the First Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Four Lines Warehouse, and the Lu Xun Memorial Hall have become popular; In Jiangsu, Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, Huaihai Battle Memorial Hall, Yuhuatai became popular...

  "Thousands of troops bravely break through the Guandong" Jinzhou, "Dabie Mountain red flag fluttering" Xinyang, and "the cradle of revolution" Jinggangshan have all become popular tourist cities.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si