Is it only cheating when it becomes sexual, or before?

Is there a tactic that guarantees that neither of you will get involved in an affair?

And do men really cheat more often than women?

The single and couple therapists Anna Peinelt and Christian Thiel clear up relationship myths about cheating, which is one of the greatest fears in partnerships.

They explain how many different forms of infidelity can take, how you can trust each other again after an affair and the reasons for cheating on your partner.

Where does infidelity begin?

Anna Peinelt:

Infidelity can already be seen in a lack of commitment, i.e. a lack of commitment to a relationship.


If one is unfaithful, the other usually is too.

One may do it from a sexual point of view, the other then mostly in an emotional way.

For example, when the partner hardly spends any time at home, always has the best appointments or feels much more comfortable always being on the go.

The other part takes it wrong at some point.

This is a typical process, like infidelity ...