After a years trip with the lens he dreams of a qualitative experience in the future

Abdullah Al Hashimi: I aspire to an academy that supports Emirati talents in photography

Al-Hashemi: The arena is full of talents that only need more support and attention.

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Hayat Al-Harzi À Dubai

After a journey of years with a passion for the lens, photographer Abdullah Al-Hashemi aspires to a specialized academy that supports Emirati talents in the arts of photography and its principles, to contribute to establishing a generation of professional photographers who lead the future of art in the country, after years of work and a sincere desire to present unique works, Bears his artistic imprint and his own vision in this field.

The Emirati photographer succeeded in crowning his journey by accrediting him as an ambassador for international companies in the Emirates, in addition to his accreditation as a professional trainer in the field of "illuminations" for the arts of photography, which Al-Hashemi described at the beginning of his dialogue with "Emirates Today" as the "beautiful dilemma" that led to him It turned into a qualitative experience in the future, after opening a studio that he dreams that, with the passage of time, he will turn it into an educational academy in this beautiful field.


Al-Hashemi, who favored merging in the field of "portraiture" and the arts of commercial photography in general, finds no embarrassment in talking about the beginnings of his attachment to this art, and the decision to acquire the first specialized "camera", and then to use the expertise of one of his relatives in the field to embark on the journey of photographing parents, relatives and faces. He composed it, based on the value of acquiring knowledge and experience, by engaging in "online" educational workshops that support his knowledge and the development of his talent in the field.

He said: “From the beginning of my attachment to photography, and for four years, I made sure to make the best investment and learn lighting techniques and their arts, before I thought of actually entering into the details of the field that I considered from the beginning, a challenge that must be taken to refine my theoretical skills and start to know what I possess in terms of capabilities. I sought to develop and develop it during that period, through diligence and a constant question about my mistakes and pitfalls, and not to be ashamed of negative reactions in order to achieve the best results and to capture the best images that satisfy the customers ».


On the difficulties he faced at the beginning of his joining this field, Al-Hashemi stopped at the challenges of convincing the client who expected expressive details and pictures before he had the final vision about them, highlighting the role of the professional photographer here, in creating a convincing artistic conception that possesses all the elements of success, dazzling and the ability to attract attention: «There are two types of dealers, the first does not have the final vision of what he would like to obtain, and the second possesses all the information and ideas that can be implemented. This is at a time when the segment of dealers, such as major commercial companies and specialized institutions, is keen on the smallest details, which some photographers may not notice at the beginning Their professional advice, and here lies the importance of knowledge, continuous learning, and the value of following up on the smallest details, and the latest developments in this vast world with its contemporary technologies and arts ».

Regarding his special touch in this field, he explained: "Many of those I dealt with are interested in my different style of commercial photography, while I personally remain passionate about the specialized cinematic images that are distinguished by their dramatic side, which suits the pages of specialized magazines, movie posters and posters."

Professional courses

Al-Hashemi's ambitions were not limited to the limits of mastering the basics of professional photography. Rather, they went beyond them after joining many specialized courses, to ensure that his knowledge in the field was transferred to others, after obtaining a certificate of "certified trainer" from an international company specializing in the field of lighting, with which he entered the field of training The professional, to become shortly after an ambassador accredited in the UAE for the global Fuji photocopier company, describing these steps by saying: “The accumulation of experience has contributed to providing me with the opportunity to transfer what I have learned in terms of techniques to a new generation of young photographers, through the establishment of a number One of the specialized workshops in the Emirates, and in a number of Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

An innovative project

About a year ago, Al-Hashemi, along with two of his fellow photographers, sought to open the "Studio Lab" project, taking from the capital Abu Dhabi as its main base for the participation of a group of young photographers in this new project, adding: “The studio meets various requests related to the arts of photography, as it includes An educational part based on the establishment of a number of free artistic workshops related to the basics of photography and lighting arts, and this part is part of my belief in the need to contribute to the training and preparation of a creative new generation of Emirati photographers, in light of the promising talents of this medium that only needs more support And attention ».

He praised the march of a number of the names of the new generation of Emirati photographers, the doors they were able to access, deserving of the status, as well as the international awards they have received on a number of occasions.

A march towards professionalism

When Al-Hashemi talks about his dream, he is not talking about just a studio, but rather he dreams of developing it to be an artistic and educational project that will rise to the rank of the academy.

He said, "When I reach retirement age, I hope that this dream has come true after many years of effort and constant desire to learn, and that (Studio Lab) will not remain just a distinguished project for photography and portraits.

the secret of success

In addition to his governmental work, Abdullah Al-Hashemi always finds sufficient time to practice his hobby in the field of photography, leaving the afternoon to take care of his family and family, and to implement his professional commitments related to his new project in which he believes that “the secret of success is always linked to mastering time division and drawing long-term plans to achieve dreams. And ambitions ».

• "The new generation of Emirati photographers has deservedly succeeded in winning international awards that they have won on a number of occasions."

• "Since the beginning of my attachment to photography, I made sure for years to learn lighting techniques, before I thought about entering the field."

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