China News Service, Hong Kong, April 14 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA) announced at a press conference on the 14th that it plans to meet government strategies and provide public-private joint medical cooperation in the second half of the year. Expansion of public-private collaboration plans.

  During the epidemic, some services of the Hospital Authority need to be suspended. In order to coordinate with the adjustment of services, the Hospital Authority has spent over 30 million Hong Kong dollars to develop 7 public-private collaboration programs, allowing patients to choose to go to private institutions for treatment at the same cost, covering orthopedics and breast cancer surgery And cancer radiotherapy, etc.

  Yang Digang, Director of Network Services of the Hospital Authority, said that the experience of the past year shows that public-private partnerships have the potential to improve patient services.

He said frankly that some hospitals have very busy emergency and surgical services. If patients with relatively stable conditions can be diverted to private medical institutions, it will be a "win-win".

  At the same time, the HA aims to expand the plan to cover general and specialist outpatient clinics in the second half of the year, hoping to vacate places for new patients to seek medical treatment, while also assisting patients in integrating the frequency of follow-up visits.

  He explained that many patients with more than 2 chronic diseases have to go to different specialties for follow-up visits. “If the patient’s condition is stable and the medicine does not need to be changed, there may be 3 specialties in a year, and each specialist has 3 follow-up visits. If you have 9 times, you can go to a private doctor in the future, and you can get all the medicines of the specialty each time.” Private doctors will also integrate repeated painkillers for patients. Yang Digang believes that this approach can reduce unnecessary referrals and waiting time. , Can also enhance drug safety.