A coupon with a premium that can be used at barber shops and beauty salons in Kochi City was sold in Kochi Prefecture on the 15th.

At barber shops and beauty salons in Kochi City, the number of customers is declining due to the fact that the Yosakoi Festival, which is the busiest in a year for hair sets and makeup, was canceled last year.

Coupons were issued by barber shops and cosmetology associations to support the shops, and sales began on the 15th at about 40 supermarkets in the prefecture.

A set of 5,000 yen worth of coupons is sold for 3,000 yen, and there are more than 420 barber shops and beauty salons in the city, which can be used until the end of December.

At supermarkets in Yamate-cho, Kochi City, many people lined up for coupons before the store opened at 9 am, and when the store opened, they were buying one after another.

According to the organization that issues the coupons, the 25,000 sets prepared in one day on the 15th were sold out.

A woman in her 70s who came to buy a coupon said, "I came to buy it a little earlier because it is very profitable. The cost of each beauty shop is high, so I want to buy as much as possible."