In the documentary series

Kleine Jongen,

which can be seen at AVROTROS from Wednesday evening, private images of the Hazes family are shown.

According to Roxeanne Hazes, she has not given permission to show part of it, but this wish has not been complied with.

This includes images that Roxeanne Hazes (28) filmed with her own recorder.

One of those videos shows one of the last conversations she had with her father.

She had been approached by the production to participate in the documentary, but decided not to do so after seeing a presentation.

"This documentary uses private images of our family, of which I have never seen fragments before," Hazes writes on Instagram.

"Since I have nothing from my father other than memories, I would have liked to keep these images private and view and show them to my child at a time of my choosing."

The fact that these statues are now on the street hurts Hazes "extra much".

"I have informed both producers through my management that I do not agree to the use of private images. It hurts me that this wish has been ignored and that in all probability this will happen more often in the coming episodes."

Hazes currently has no contact with her mother Rachel, who released the footage for the making of the documentary.

According to the artist, her bad relationship with her mother has nothing to do with her desire not to share the images with a wider audience.

"I sincerely believe that this series should not have been made, for many reasons and in this way, and that I have at least a say in what happens with this private material."

Finally, the singer says she will no longer pay attention to the documentary in the future and she does not want to answer any questions about it.

André Hazes died on September 23, 2004 after two heart attacks and cardiac arrest.

His farewell ceremony took place in Amsterdam ArenA (now Johan Cruijff ArenA), in the presence of loved ones and fans.