We do not expect consistency from the child.

We tolerate his whims.

We forgive misunderstandings and are condescending to changes in his mood.

We forgive almost everything to our own child.

Children of others also often touch us, but once in the cabin of a Moscow-New York plane with a stranger and screaming child for many hours, even the most cold-blooded adult will undermine our health.

The "plane" of US-Russian relations is over 230 years old.

158 years ago, the Russian fleet stood in New York and San Francisco, inserting the hairpin of the hostile Great Britain, and at the same time supporting the North in the fight against the slave-owning South.

The United States played an important role in the First World War, and if we had not concluded the shameful Brest-Litovsk Treaty by the hands of the Bolsheviks, we would have participated with the Americans either in the armistice of 1918 or in the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, and would not have looked at the victors' feast from the sidelines political process.

On the other hand, the winners, as we know, got carried away by humiliation and helped Adolf Hitler sell his populism to the German people.

I will not write about the role of the United States in World War II.

Not because it is now fashionable to forget and distort facts to please the political conjuncture.

It's just that people of my generation know perfectly well how everything was in reality.

And American Georgia will be distinguished from Georgia in the Caucasus with closed eyes.

In general, the international relations of the historically young USA and Russia know many glorious pages.

And I hope that Washington's current groping for absolute zero will end sooner or later.

As for Europe, be it the EU or its main players, they can hardly bring the 20th and even the beginning of the 21st century into their historical asset.

Europe was the scene of bloody wars, the headquarters of the League of Nations and the regional headquarters of the UN are located here.

Nevertheless, since the middle of the 20th century, none of the European states has already determined world politics.

All this is natural.

When you are a minority shareholder in the North Atlantic Treaty, which is the basis of NATO, when the richest European state under this agreement spends less than 2% of GDP on defense financing (15 times less than the United States in absolute terms!), Then the attitude towards you is appropriate.

Let us also recall about 35.5 thousand US troops on the territory of the FRG alone and the bombing of European Yugoslavia from local airfields.

What kind of leadership can we talk about here?

Modern Europe is a gang of kids under the supervision of an older brother.

I will not talk about Biden, his independence and health either.

We know that yesterday weakened him, but today it seems to be scrofula.

Now Vladimir Putin is a "killer", then we call him twice, we offer a personal meeting.

And the next day, we leak the inside information about the new sanctions, which are slowly releasing blood to the Russian economy.

Such is the immature behavior.

We endure.

We talk about topics that are still relevant.

Strategic security alone is worth it.

As the fate of the world has been holding since the 1950s on the shoulders of the two countries, it still holds.

Only our shoulder sank into the poverty and chaos of the 1990s, and now it has straightened.

The second shoulder became uncomfortable, but that's okay - it will get used to it.

Well, what about Europe?

Europe can only organize another summit or forum.

So that the leader of the host side can shake hands with people who really decide something.

After all, in order to be a player on the world stage, you need to regain your independence.

The mojo that Austin Powers spy was so worried about.

Yes, the European economy, if we are talking about Germany, France and Italy, is fine.

But even with Nord Stream 2, some kind of mess is going on.

To conclude interstate agreements, to commit, to gather a huge pool of contractors and ... whine, wagging its tail.

Not like a man.

So from Europe, tired of being the arena for the clash of geopolitical giants, again only a buffet table and dances.

Sad, yes.

But damn fair.

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