An animal welfare organization in the Polish city of Krakow had to turn out this week after a woman reported an unknown animal watching her from a treetop.

When specialists arrived, it turned out to be a croissant,

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The woman states that several residents of the tree kept the windows closed, fearing the possibility that the creature would fly in.

The Krakow animal welfare organization writes on Facebook that it is a real incident and no one tried to fool the organization.

The creature had been in the tree for two to three days, specialists had been told.

Specialists assumed a bird or injured animal.

The caller himself thought of an iguana.

That reading was considered unlikely by the experts, given the low temperatures in the city.

The welfare organization declined to rule out the option, as an owner may have dumped the animal.

Once on the scene, however, the officers found the croissant.

Presumably the bun was thrown out to feed animals.

The welfare organization can laugh at the incident and calls on residents to 'just' keep sharing their concerns.