A few weeks before the Netflix documentary

Snelle: Zonder Jas Naar Buiten is



announced that he is taking a rest on doctor's advice due to exhaustion.

Documentary maker Anne de Clercq tells in conversation with NU.nl that she hopes the musician will take the time to get better.

In the documentary Snelle is followed for several months and his environment is told about his rapid advance in the Dutch musical landscape.

The singer's busy schedule of hits such as

Blijven Slapen, Reunion, Smoorverlraag


De Overkant

is mentioned several times by himself in the documentary.

Nevertheless, De Clercq did not immediately expect that Snel would have to stop his activities as a result of fatigue.

"I did not see that coming, but at the same time I can imagine it. I have experienced how incredibly busy he is and how everyone wants something from him," she says.

De Clercq describes the struggle that Snel had with his agenda as "the flip side of the fame that actually every star has to deal with".

"I just hope he really takes his time now and gets better soon."

'Rapper with cleft lip from a rich village is immediately inspiring'

De Clercq, director of the series

Soof, Tessa



and the film

Soof 3

, did not immediately say yes when she was asked to make a documentary about Snelle around his third album



"I had heard of him before, but I didn't really know him at all. When I started googling him, I quickly became enthusiastic."

"A cleft-lip rapper from a rich village who became so famous in no time, I found that very inspiring right away."

She was regularly asked whether it is not too early to make a documentary about 25-year-old Snel.

"I found that quite exciting myself, but when I look back on it, I find it above all a beautiful image of a group of friends and their ambitions and dreams to make a living from music."

Anne de Clercq made the documentary Zonder Jas Naar Buiten about artist Snelle.

Anne de Clercq made the documentary Zonder Jas Naar Buiten about artist Snelle.

Photo: BrunoPress

The documentary maker herself really enjoyed the archive footage she used for the film.

"You can really see the drive in his head in those images. He had to and would break through as a musician. His story is inspiring, because he shows that it doesn't matter how often you fall, as long as you chase your dream. It's also great. to see him at work. I was really surprised by how good he is at making music. "

Dilemma in group of friends is a gift for filmmaker

The friends with whom Snel built up his career play a major role in

Zonder Jas Naar Buiten


Especially the influence of the coronavirus on the group with which he mainly toured, is discussed from both sides.

“Corona made the making of the film difficult, but in the end we embraced it and it became an important part of the story. You can see how Snel and his friends all worked towards a breakthrough and it didn't matter who would star. Now. half of them can no longer benefit from corona. That is a difficult dilemma, but as a filmmaker a gift of course. "

De Clercq is convinced that

Zonder Jas Naar Buiten

has become a more intimate film due to the corona virus.

"Otherwise we would have followed him mainly during performances. Because this was not possible, we mainly had to bring the outside world to him. The film shows that his world is closer to ours than you might think."


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