[Explanation] Xi'an No. 75 Middle School, located in the north of Xi'an city, is a school featuring mental health education for students.

In the context of intensified social competition and increasingly prominent psychological problems among students, the school has opened a "psychological center" to ease the learning pressure of school students and help children pass adolescence through psychological counseling, emotional venting, and game interaction.

  Wang Haijuan, a psychology teacher at the 75th Middle School in Xi’an, told reporters that the school’s student development guidance center (referred to as the psychological center) was established in 2014 and is an institution that provides free mental health education and psychological counseling services to all teachers and students of the school.

The "Psychological Center" currently has 11 functional areas, including VR decompression room, emotional catharsis room, career planning room, etc., which undertake different mental health education functions.

  The reporter saw that whenever there is leisure between classes, students of all grades will always come to the "psychological center" by appointment, read, communicate with teachers, and participate in various group activities to relieve the pressure of study and relax.

  [Concurrent] Li Yantao, student of the 75th Middle School in Xi'an

  It’s hard to learn, so it’s a lot of pressure.

But because I don’t have a lot of time to relieve this pressure in my second year of high school, I come to the psychological club once a week. I can go to the psychological catharsis room and the group sand table room to have a little relaxation on my own, and then I can also find a psychology teacher. Talk to me about the pressure encountered in my study and life.

  Guo Zhongling, student of No.75 Middle School in Xi'an

  In normal life in the dormitory, there may be some small frictions in the work and rest or study habits with roommates and classmates.

Sometimes you may not be able to adjust yourself, and you will find a psychology teacher to help.

It is through the mediation of the teacher and these relaxation systems in the psychological consultation room that I can get a mental and physical relaxation together, so that I can solve these problems more friendly and calmly with them.

  [Explanation] School psychology teacher Wu Fangling said that in the process of contacting students, she will find some psychological problems in her children.

But when the feedback was given to the parents, some parents expressed their surprise and felt that it is impossible for their children to have psychological problems.

This phenomenon is relatively common at present, which shows that many parents pay too much attention to the material needs of their children in study and life, but ignore their children's emotional needs.

  In Wu Fangling's view, complete facilities can have a good effect on regulating students' body and mind, but what is more important is how to enter their inner world.

She hopes that more schools and parents will pay attention to and participate in the psychological education of children and take care of the mental health of young people in many ways.

  [Concurrent] Wu Fangling, psychology teacher of Xi'an No. 75 Middle School

  As a psychology teacher in our school, I hope to help these children and give full play to the power of both the school and the parents, so that parents can also participate in this psychological education, which is a good study life for the students in the future. , To build a platform together.

  Party Field Report from Xi'an, Shaanxi

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