Recently, the fan support club of a certain variety show contestant Yu Jingtian actually “punished” fans for failing to meet the standards for their support data. The punishment included purchasing virtual data starting at 2.22 yuan, anti-hacking tasks, etc. The reason was even more so. Ridiculous-not enough love (China Youth Daily WeChat account, April 12).

From illegitimate rice, fans tearing each other, Douban control reviews, to punishing fans, the culture of rice circles refreshes people’s perceptions time and time again.

  I can't help but ask the support club, who gave you such courage?

Star chasing is a matter of personal choice. How to chase stars is also the freedom of fans. Such "punishment" behavior is not only contrary to public order and good customs, but also has touched the bottom line of the law.

  Even though the support club responded that the punishment is voluntary, but such an excuse is obviously untenable. Have soft-violent and wounded PUA incidents occurred rarely?

"You only bought dozens of your brother's albums? Do you love your brother so much?" Such remarks are not lacking in intimidation.

There are also some support clubs who speak of non-compulsory on the surface, but secretly talk about "capitalization" ranking, exploiting the gap between law and human nature.

  When the "irrational star chasing" became more and more intense, topics like "young people borrowing to chase stars" appeared on the hot search more than once, and the news of "the middle school students spend all their savings at home in order to chase stars" triggered many discussions.

Of course, there are personal irrational factors, but what should be learned from the pain is the deformed rice circle culture and the substandard fan clubs.

  The idol generation mechanism in the era of traffic ties up a closer connection between fans and celebrities, and also gives birth to emotional and material labor such as controlling reviews, gambling, anti-gangsters, and rankings.

When these behaviors exceed normal limits, they evolve into a "discourse struggle" or even an "arms race", which severely disrupts the online ecology. Fans are tired of ranking lists, controlling reviews, and overdrawing human, material, and financial resources. A "screw" in "Idol Industry".

  The fan club is a manifestation of the "organization and dissemination" of the star-chasing activity.

The organization has its own order, and the members of the organization are willing to accept and strictly enforce the rules. This is understandable, but the question is, where is the boundary of order?

How to define the boundary between the independent choice of the members of the organization and the overall group regulation?

Everyone gathers together because they like the same star. Do you have to distinguish between you and me, or even "mind control"?

"Punishing" fans under the banner of the support club is a manifestation of irrational pursuit of stars, and it is also a way of power and willfulness.

To standardize the fan club and straighten these question marks, we need to work together.

  During the National Two Sessions this year, Wei Zhenling, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the deputy procurator of Liuzhou People’s Procuratorate, proposed that the star fan support association should be registered with the civil affairs department, clarify responsibilities, stipulate rights and obligations, "what activities can be organized, and whether it can raise funds? At which level, you must register and file in accordance with relevant regulations, carry out activities in accordance with the law, and accept annual inspections." Stars should also take the initiative to speak out and give correct guidance to their fans. This is not only to avoid adverse effects on themselves, but also The responsibilities of being an idol.

  The most important thing is that the majority of fans should always be rational and sensible. Identity does not mean that they have no self. Joining an organization does not mean losing freedom. After all, apart from the identity of a fan, oneself is first of all an independent individual.

Even in the face of multiple "hunting", we must return the star-chaser to the essence, let the worship and love find the original intention, instead of being the "leeks" to be cut.

  Lu Jinghue Source: China Youth Daily

  Version 08, April 14, 2021