Video .. Strengthening the muscles of the thighs

The sports trainer at "Golds Gym", Muhammad Abu Samra, stressed the importance of regular exercise during the blessed month of Ramadan, because fasting is a distinct opportunity to commit to sports and lose weight, so that the body is more ready to burn fat.

As for the ideal timing for exercise in Ramadan, he pointed out that it could be two or three hours before breakfast, provided that the intensity of the exercises is medium to light, as the focus is on medium weights, indicating that exercise before breakfast carries many benefits in burning fat and reducing fat. the weight.

Here are easy-to-do daily exercise tips during the holy month of Ramadan:

Wall squat

This exercise is performed by leaning against a wall, so that the hands are placed on the shoulders, descending to the bottom as if one were to sit on a chair, standing for a second, and then ascending directly.

This exercise is characterized by being easy for beginners in sports due to the presence of support from the wall, and it also targets large muscles, and for this it is distinguished by that it burns a lot of calories.

The exercise also works to strengthen the muscles of the thighs in particular and the feet in general.

It can only be done from eight to 10 repetitions, and for three rounds.

It burns a lot of calories.