108 orphans and 90 mothers, 14 years of raising orphans and helping the poor, trained in the "Magnetic Field of Love"

  Our reporter Zhu Xudong

  “Ding Guangyin, a 13-year-old orphan, committed suicide because he had no hope of going to school. The pesticide was fake. The child was not dead and his esophagus was injured. He is currently treated in the hospital. If no one saves him, the family will be over.”

  When he heard this clue, Yang Min looked surprised, "Is there still such a thing now?"

  It was 14 years ago in Rugao, Jiangsu, where farmers in remote areas would spend money to marry wives from other places.

Poverty has brought a series of family problems. Some husbands died of illness, and some foreign wives ran away, leaving many orphans behind.

  According to the information provided by the local Women's Federation to Yang Min, there were more than 300 children like Ding Guangyin in Rugao at that time.

Some orphans are guarded by uncles and aunts, and there are more than 100 orphans who can only depend on their grandparents.

  With the deepening of understanding, Yang Min feels that he has entered a brand new field and is sinking deeper and deeper.

  In the past 14 years, in the “one-to-one” paired assistance, Yang Min and the 90 “caring mothers” of his team have jointly raised 108 orphans.

  Nowadays, the "loving mother" not only helps Ding Guangyin treat eye diseases and complete his studies, but also helps him get to work and support himself.

  Yang Min said: "Along the way, I can better understand what true happiness is."

  Help, can't just give money

  At the 2007 Rugao People’s Congress, Yang Min happened to be sitting next to Wang Guilan, the chairman of the Rugao Women’s Federation.

The two female representatives had a good time chatting, and Wang Guilan told Yang Min about the orphan Ding Guangyin's request for help that had just been received by the Women's Federation.

  "If no one saves this child, the family will be over." Wang Guilan asked Yang Min, "Can you think of a way?"

  Yang Min later learned that when Ding Guangyin was 4 years old, his father died and his mother ran away from home.

Grandpa told the child that his parents had died.

"His mother also thought about taking the child away, but because she gave birth to a boy and became the only seedling in the family, grandparents don't want the child to be taken away." Yang Min said.

  Because of family inheritance, Ding Guangyin's eyes are highly short-sighted, and he can't see the blackboard clearly in class.

  Ding Guangyin's grandfather has been raising sheep for his children to go to school.

That year, Grandpa fell ill and spent the money to sell sheep, so he could no longer provide for him to go to school.

Angrily, the child drank pesticide.

  "At that time, the social security system was not sound. Some children from poor families couldn't even eat a one-yuan nutritious meal in the afternoon." Yang Min had heard about these situations, but Ding Guangyin's misfortune still deeply touched her.

  "Can you help these kids?" As the company's deputy general manager at the time, Yang Min put forward his own thoughts and suggestions on the board of directors.

Soon, the love fund of 500,000 yuan was in place at one time.

  In order to be responsible for the limited funds and hope to help the real trapped children, Yang Min devoted himself to this cause.

It's just that she didn't expect that the long journey has just begun.

  At the beginning of 2008, a heavy snow that had not been encountered in many years had not yet melted. Yang Min and the staff of the Rugao Women's Federation spent a week visiting 20 towns and villages.

The poverty level of orphan families is still fresh in Yang Min's memory.

  Ding Guangyin’s home does not have any furniture, only two big baskets, with clothes and shoes piled up randomly. In the cold weather, there is no cotton-padded clothes at home, and he wears 6 real school uniforms. Every day at noon, he only eats one meal at school; after school, Not only does he have to take care of his elderly grandfather, but he also has to squeeze time to pick up the tatters...

  Yang Yang, short and thin, black and thin, with fish-scale scars on the back of his hands.

After losing his parents, he lived with his uncle, and his family was impoverished.

  Yaoyao was abandoned under the bridge hole when she was born, and was taken home by her grandfather and adoptive father.

The adoptive father is disabled and never married.

When Yaoyao was 13 years old, her adoptive father died...

  Yang Min feels pity for every child's living condition.

  After discussing with the general manager Lu Biao, she decided to mobilize all employees of the company to establish a mechanism to help more orphaned children.

  "Helping is not just about giving money, but also about giving love." Yang Min said, "It is not only necessary to let the children go to school, to manage their lives, but also to accompany the children to grow up."

  The windfall of love

  "For more than a year, my life, my soul, and my view of the world have all changed a lot."

  "Before, I always thought that people in this world would only think about themselves, never caring about others. Now I know that not all people in the world are what I imagined, and some people will remember us and care about us. ."

  "When I get good grades, I always want to tell my mother the first time. To be honest, I just want to get a compliment from my mother."


  Reading the letters written by the children, Yang Min is not only happy, but also worry-if one day she and Lu Biao are not in the company, what should these children do?

  In order to make our caring team more standardized and longer-lasting, under the suggestion of Yang Min, in 2008, the Nantong Aimus Caring Foundation was formally established.

With the foundation, the number of children assisted increased to 50 all at once.

  One day in 2012, Ding Guangyin’s eyes were swollen and painful repeatedly. The doctor diagnosed that he needed retinal detachment surgery urgently.

The foundation immediately contacted the ophthalmologists in Shanghai, and sent a special car, led by Ding Guangyin's full-time "caring mother" Chen Jing, to the Shanghai First People's Hospital.

  After learning about Ding Guangyin's story, the hospital not only greatly reduced medical expenses, but the medical staff also spontaneously donated 2,000 yuan to him for postoperative rehabilitation.

Xiao Guangyin turned around and donated the full amount to the foundation.

The person in charge of the hospital immediately said: A permanent green channel will be established for the Aimus Foundation in the future, and Ding Guangyin will receive free treatment for life in the hospital.

  Yang Min said: "Love is a kind of power, there is a kind of magnetic field, while we help others, it is also a self-help."

  "An employee is in his 30s and never knows his mother's birthday. After pairing and helping him, he realized the importance of family. Since that year, he has to celebrate his mother's birthday every year." Yang Min said.

  What surprised this worker was that many neighbors in his building knew that he was helping, and they joined in one after another.

"Now the residents of this building are helping the village where the orphaned children are located." Yang Min said happily, "This kind of thing is contagious."

  Have the ability to help others be happier

  After determining the target of assistance, the company will conduct training for "loving mothers" and establish a point evaluation mechanism.

For example, at the beginning of school, the paired children should be brought to the school to pay the tuition, and to establish contact with the school; the "loving mothers" are specially approved for one paid visit day to live with the paired children; each Spring Festival, the children wear new clothes, take red envelopes, and "Loving Mom" ​​has a reunion dinner...

  "For these children, the Love Fund will fully settle their living expenses and tuition fees until they graduate from university and work independently." Yang Min said that once employees quit or their jobs change, other "loving mothers" will take over. The children went to work.

In fact, the weddings of those orphans when they grow up are all done by "loving mothers"; the death of the elderly in their family is also organized by the "loving mothers".

  Yang Min suggested to the "caring mothers" that it is necessary to maintain a "constant temperature" when treating orphaned children and not to be cold for a while and hot for a while.

  In the past 14 years, "Love Mother" has helped 88 orphans in Rugao, and 20 orphans in Lu'an, Anhui, which has a branch.

Among these children, 26 college students have been born, 37 children have been employed, 9 children have formed small families, and some "loving mothers" have been upgraded to "loving grandmothers."

  Yang Yang, who was once a headache for "loving mother" Wu Meiyun, enlisted in the army after graduating from high school, and she continued to honor her.

Now, he has become Wu Meiyun's pride hidden in her heart and on her lips.

  "As various safeguards become more and more complete, there are more and more caring people." Yang Min said that now there are fewer orphans who need their help.

  Ding Guangyin is the first assisted person to stay in the enterprise and get a job.

He once considered choosing a job freely, but no good company was willing to accept it.

  Chen Jing said that Ding Guangyin's eyesight was a major obstacle to his employment.

"The company understands him, knows him, and arranges suitable positions for him."

  As the "eldest son" among the children being helped, Ding Guangyin will take care of and enlighten the younger brothers and sisters like a elder brother.

He said: "I saw myself in my younger siblings. I would like to be a good elder brother and relieve the pressure of my mothers."

  "Able to help others is happier than those who need help from others." Yang Min smiled when he looked at Ding Guangyin.