China News Service, Nanning, April 14 (Reporter Lin Hao) Zeng Xin, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, said on the 13th that Guangxi will establish cross-regional law enforcement cooperation in response to the growing trend of multi-level marketing in remote locations and online MLMs. Mechanism, comprehensive use of criminal strikes, administrative penalties and other means to severely punish a group of pyramid marketing activities organizers, leaders and key members in accordance with the law.

  The Guangxi Fighting and Prevention and Controlling MLM Conference was held in Nanning on the same day.

The meeting introduced that since the State Administration of Market Supervision listed Nanning and Fangchenggang as key cities for MLM remediation in 2019, Guangxi has adhered to the trend of high pressure and strict crackdown. In 2020, 2,873 MLM dens were destroyed and 17,500 people engaged in MLM were seized. The number of MLM cases ranks first in the country.

  At present, more than 155,000 people in MLM cases monitored by Guangxi public security organs have left Guangxi. More than 95% of them have left Guangxi. In March 2021, Nanning and Fangchenggang were removed from the list of key cities for MLM remediation in China, and the key cities for MLM remediation in Guangxi have been implemented. Clear".

  However, as the methods of MLM activities become more concealed, especially some MLM organizations engage in illegal and criminal activities under the names of "micro-business", "e-commerce", "multi-layer distribution", "consumer investment" and "love and mutual assistance", and gradually turn to the Internet. Guangxi has become more difficult to prevent and crack down on pyramid schemes.

  Zhou Chengfang, vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and director of the Public Security Department, analyzed that from the perspective of criminal tactics, there have been cases in which the "boss" is remotely commanding in other provinces and the offline MLM teams are conducting activities in Guangxi. The geographic boundaries of the MLM system are gradually blurred; some use the Internet Under the guise of making friends, blind dates, looking for jobs, etc., it confuses and develops unspecified groups of people.

  In this regard, Zeng Xin said that MLM is an "economic cult" and "social cancer". Guangxi will rely on big data technology to carry out MLM project operations, focusing on cracking down on crowd-inducing MLM and MLM black and gray industrial chains.

At the same time, raise the public's awareness and ability to identify and resist MLM, eliminate the mentality of "getting rich overnight", and fundamentally curb the growth and spread of MLM.

  He Chaojian, party secretary of the Guangxi Market Supervision Bureau, also stated that Guangxi will carry out a regular inspection and demobilization operation to prevent the return of MLM personnel.

Strengthen the management and control of rental housing and floating population, create a "non-MLM community", and consolidate the foundation of grassroots governance.