Mattie Valk and Marieke Elsinga started broadcasting live for a week from a construction site on Monday in good spirits.

With the Qmusic program

Mattie & Marieke on the construction site

, they would give a unique glimpse into the lives of employees on the construction site.

However, due to a corona infection, the special broadcast is prematurely interrupted.

Prior to the week, everyone involved in the action had been tested for the corona virus.

On Monday evening, however, a new test showed that someone from the radio station's team was still infected with the virus.

Valk and Elsinga themselves have been tested negative, but according to the measures they have to be quarantined at home.

From Wednesday they will pick up their morning show

Mattie & Marieke


On Tuesday, the morning show of the radio duo will be taken over by fellow DJ Kai Merckx.

Qmusic is still looking for a later moment when the theme week can still be held.