No minimum distances, no masks: The British “Guardian” reports indignantly about a party in Berlin's Soho House that is now also occupying the police.

What happened: Last Friday, the Spanish fashion label Bottega Veneta first presented its “Salon 02” collection in the trendy club “Berghain” in Berlin-Mitte - with spectators and prominent guests such as rapper Slowthai and grime star Skepta from Great Britain.

Several Berlin newspapers reported on the event - but also on an after-show party that was apparently held in Soho House afterwards, from which video clips (which have since been deleted) were circulating on social media.


It should be shown how the guests violate the applicable Corona rules (distance, mask requirement).

Which part of the celebration or presentation may have been held illegally is still open.

Virgil Abloh arrives at Berghain

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Professional get-togethers are allowed in the German capital, including the fashion presentation.

In turn, parties are resolutely broken up by the local police.

No more than two people are allowed to meet between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

In this case, the officials only found out about the event afterwards, as reported by the "Tagesspiegel".

Quarantine rules could also have been violated

A police spokesman spoke to the Guardian.

Accordingly, the police were alerted on the day in question because of a nocturnal disturbance of the peace near the Soho House in Berlin-Mitte.

Apparently they didn't expect a bigger party on Friday night.

It also said: "We are currently looking at recordings of the event in order to initiate possible preliminary proceedings for a violation of measures against the corona virus," said the spokesman.

When asked by WELT, it was said that these sightings had not yet been completed.


It is also questionable whether the guests from outside the event adhered to the quarantine rules and whether the subsequent party was spontaneous or planned.

The "Guardian" quotes eyewitnesses who want to have seen a large music system - it is questionable whether this was only used for fashion presentations.

The Berlin Berghain

Source: Marlene Gawrisch / WELT

Nonetheless, many users on social media expressed their indignation at the behavior of party visitors.

"What I hate most about it is that people are so bold as to throw a party like that for a select few while everyone else waits for the clubs to reopen and somehow try to deal with the pandemic," it said Instagram account "Berlinclubmemes".

The Soho House told “T-Online” that they did not yet exactly know the background: “We are taking the case very seriously and are talking to everyone involved to find out what exactly happened,” it said.