In Tokyo, where infection with a mutated virus, which is said to be highly infectious, spreads, more than half of the people confirmed to be infected with this virus by the 12th of this month are in their teens to 30s, and the capital I'm calling for caution.

In Tokyo, on the 12th, it was confirmed that 61 people were infected with a virus with a mutation of "N501Y", which is said to have strong infectivity.

This is the most announcement of the day so far.

On the night of the 12th, Tokyo officials complained around Shinjuku Kabukicho that "a highly infectious mutant virus is prevalent. Young people may become seriously ill." We called for thorough measures.

According to the capital, 71 out of 202 people who were confirmed to be infected with the mutant virus by the 12th of this month were in their 20s.

In addition, there were 26 teenagers and 16 30s.

The total number of people in their teens to 30s is 113, which is 56% of the total, and more than half are young.

The city says, "I am concerned that the infection will spread from the younger generation to the elderly. I want you to take sufficient measures to prevent the infection from being transmitted to the elderly."

Governor Koike "Again, refrain from going out unnecessarily and thoroughly teleworking"

Governor Koike of Tokyo told reporters, "Priority measures have begun yesterday. I think it's a new phase, but above all, there are more mutated viruses that are rampant." ..

On top of that, "Infections in the younger generation are increasing again. Although it is an active generation, I would like to ask you to refrain from going out unnecessarily and to thoroughly telework. If today's behavior changes, the result will be two weeks later. Will come out. It will be a pain for everyone to continue for a long time, so please cooperate. "