Actor Yoon Yeo-jeong, who received the British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the movie'Buttercup', held the awards ceremony with the expression'snobbish Englishman'.

Yoon Yeo-jeong received a big smile and applause for saying that it was particularly meaningful and honored in that the British, known for being ``pretending to be classy,'' recognized them as good actors while speaking in English about receiving the British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Award on the 11th (local time).

Reuters reported that Yoon Yeo-jung's joke about the award brought out laughter.

The Independent magazine reported that viewers were very pleased with Yoon Yeo-jung's remarks.

The awards are already popular on Twitter, and film director Edgar Wright also wrote that "they won the entire awards season," The Independent reported.

At a later press conference, Variety said,'Is the perspective that is not very praiseworthy (but perhaps very accurate) come from personal experience?' and Yeo-Jung Yoon answered yes.

According to Variety, he said, "I visited the UK several times and did a fellowship at the University of Cambridge as an actor 10 years ago. Everyone felt like they were pretending to be classy, ​​but that's not a bad thing."

He added, "The UK has a long history and pride. As an Asian woman, I feel like I'm pretending to be noble. That's my honest feeling."

Variety evaluated that Yoon Yeo-jeong was more likely to receive an American Academy Award (Oscar Award) after receiving the American Actors Guild Award (SAG) and the British Academy Award.

However, Yoon Yeo-jung smiled loudly and replied, saying, "Don't ask because you don't know anything about what will happen."

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that Yoon Yeo-jung referred to him as “noble-minded” people, speaking of his feelings in “Broken English”.