[Concurrent] Hello, everyone, I am Jack and I am from the United States.

I am now in Yuxu Palace in Wudang Mountain, (I) have been here for more than 11 years.

  [Commentary] The American guy Jack in the picture is 31 years old and comes from Illinois, USA. Since 2010, Jack has been rooted in Wudang Mountain for 11 years and has devoted himself to learning martial arts. Now he has become a coach in the martial arts gym and has joined Wudang Sanfeng. Send the fifteenth generation heir Yuan Shimao to the head of Taoism, and become the 16th generation heir of Wudang Sanfeng School.

On April 11, Jack said in Wudang Mountain that he did not think he was a foreigner because he had integrated into life here.

  [Explanation] Jack has been fond of Chinese martial arts since he was a child. By chance, he saw a video of Yuan Shimao's Eight Immortals on the Internet. At that time, he decided to follow Yuan Shimao as his teacher and learn authentic Chinese martial arts.

On June 1, 2010, Jack departed from Chicago and came to Wudang Mountain.

  [Concurrent] Jack

  I am very interested in Chinese culture and Wudang martial arts.

I am especially interested. I practice martial arts here every day. I feel very healthy and the atmosphere is very comfortable.

  [Explanation] In addition to his love for Wudang martial arts, he also likes Chinese traditional culture and Taoist culture very much.

Because of this special emotion, Jack also married a Chinese wife.

In the meantime, Jack returned to the United States with his wife, and then returned to Wudang Mountain with his wife and daughter.

Returning to Wudang Mountain again, he became the assistant master of the Foreign Academy of Wuguan.

He said that living in Wudang Mountain, with mountains and waters, makes life more convenient and lively.

  [Concurrent] Jack

  (I) love Hubei so much. There are martial arts, beautiful scenery, and the people here are also very good. I feel that Wudang is my home.

When I am not practicing, I also go to play and go shopping with my friends.

  [Explanation] Today's Jack not only knows Wudang Kungfu, but also plays flute, uses chopsticks, and speaks fluent Mandarin.

In addition to daily practice and teaching in the Wuguan and Yuxu Palace, he often took his wife and children to climb Wudang Mountain.

When he missed his family and friends in the United States, he would take the time to come to the Zixiao Palace to wish and pray.

  [Concurrent] Jack

  I am very grateful to the people here. They are very kind to me. I have many foreign friends who have been vaccinated in Wudang.

In fact, I feel safe and healthy here. My family is also here. I am married to a Chinese wife and my daughter is also here.

We love Hubei and we love Wudang.

  [Commentary] Jack said that he still has one wish to practice Wudang Kungfu better and return to the United States to open a martial arts gym, so that more people can fall in love with Wudang Kungfu, fall in love with Wudang Mountain, and fall in love with China. Traditional Culture.

  Peng Tao, Li Anqing, Xu Haifang, reporting from Wudang Mountain, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]