Following the government's decision on the 13th to release water containing radioactive substances such as tritium, which is increasing at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, to the sea at a concentration lower than the standard. , Citizens' groups held a joint meeting and appealed for continued consideration of alternatives, saying that there was concern about damage to rumors.

Regarding water containing radioactive substances such as tritium, which is stored in the tank of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the government will hold a ministerial meeting on the 13th to dilute it to a concentration lower than the standard and release it to the sea. It is a policy to decide.

In response, a civic group that has made proposals for nuclear energy policy held a joint press conference in Tokyo on the 12th, and among them, Hideyuki Ban, co-representative of the NPO Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, said, "We still have the consent of the citizens. It has not been released. It is expected that the release to the ocean will cause reputational damage in the fishing and tourism industries, and it will not lead to reconstruction. "

In addition, the participating organizations pointed out that alternatives such as adding a large tank and storing it for a long period of time and consolidating water with mortar and disposing of it on the ground have not been sufficiently considered, and the government has pointed out. There were a number of opinions calling for a review of the policy.

The NPOs and organizations that held the press conference on the 12th will continue to ask the government to consider alternatives.