When NHK interviewed 11 cities in Ibaraki prefecture where the new coronavirus vaccine for the elderly is scheduled to arrive by next week, nearly half of the five cities have not yet been vaccinated with some of the vaccines for the elderly. It turns out that there are plans to divert it to non-healthcare professionals.

The new coronavirus vaccine for the elderly has already reached Mito City for about 1000 people in Ibaraki Prefecture, and vaccination started on the 12th, and from this week to next week, about 1000 people each to 10 cities in the prefecture. Minutes will be shipped.

When NHK interviewed how to inoculate vaccines that will reach these 11 cities in the future, nearly half of the five cities, including Hitachi, will divert some of the vaccines for the elderly to inoculate medical workers. I found out that I have a plan.

The reason for the diversion is that each city has not finished vaccination of medical staff yet, so it is necessary to have the doctor in charge inoculate it first in order to smoothly inoculate the elderly. is.

In addition, from each city, there are many uncertainties about the delivery schedule and the number of vaccines for the elderly inoculation, and there are voices such as "Reservations cannot be started".