On April 12, during the 2021 "Cultural Capital of East Asia" China Dunhuang Event Year 2021, the "Rising Dunhuang" Cultural and Creative Exhibition held in Dunhuang was particularly eye-catching.

Dunhuang beauty makeup based on mural colors, cool "flying skateboards" and nunchakus, "Dunhuang gesture dance" dancing machines, Dunhuang national tide cultural and creative products...More than 60 types of Dunhuang-themed cultural and creative products have attracted people's attention .

The exhibition presents to the audience a theme of Dunhuang cultural elements, tradition + national tide, visual + experience through the three sections of "Ruitu·Dasheng Dunhuang", "Ruijing·Unruly since ancient times", and "Ruiqu·Thousand Years Tide". Cultural experience.

Such "new trend" cultural and creative products have narrowed the distance between Dunhuang culture and contemporary people, and the popular "tide" Dunhuang will attract more people to participate in the protection of cultural relics.

(Reporter Ding Si produced Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]