The release date of the films

Top Gun: Maverick


Mission Impossible 7 and 8

, in which Tom Cruise plays the lead, has been postponed again due to the corona pandemic.

That reports entertainment website



The release of

Top Gun: Maverick

, the sequel to the



Top Gun

, moves up from July 2 to November 19.

The seventh


of the

Mission Impossible

film series has been moved from November this year to May 2022. The release of

Mission Impossible 8

, which was


for November 2022, will now be released in July 2023.

The three action films were, like many other productions, delayed due to the corona pandemic.

The shift in release dates has to do with the fact that movie studio Paramount does not expect all the cinemas to

be open again

in July, when

Top Gun: Maverick was

originally planned.

Because the studio wants to have a few months between films,

Mission Impossible

7 and 8 have also moved up.