[Explanation] From April 1st to 10th, the Beijing Winter Olympics ice event testing activities will be held in major competition venues in Beijing. Volunteers can be seen everywhere inside and outside the stadiums to become an important service guarantee force in the testing activities. They build with smiles Set up a landscape of youth and vitality.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, in this 10-day test event, a total of 1,026 volunteers from all walks of life in Beijing participated in the guarantee.

Among them, the National Stadium where the ice hockey test event and the Paralympic ice hockey test event are held uses a total of 232 volunteers.

  [Concurrent] Guo Kai, Volunteer Manager of National Stadium

  The 232 volunteers came from 8 different universities and 6 medical units. Among the 232 volunteers, there were a total of 162 student volunteers distributed in 8 different universities. The main university was Beijing Transportation. the University.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the smooth progress of the ice project testing activities, the volunteers received systematic training in venues and on-the-job knowledge before the competition.

A total of 41 volunteer positions were recruited for this testing activity, including 22 business areas including language services, sports, technology, medical care, and epidemic prevention.

  [Concurrent] Guo Kai, Volunteer Manager of National Stadium

  Through these five days of operation, that is to say the operation of our Winter Olympics ice hockey, then the overall performance of the volunteers in this test activity is good, and it is also in line with our previous expectations, as reflected in the volunteers’ posts. This kind of positive and uplifting state of the People’s Republic of China perfectly illustrates that the smiles of volunteers are our best business card for the Olympic Games.

  [Commentary] Guo Kai introduced that volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics are still being recruited. He believes that all the volunteers participating in this test event will become the backbone of the recruitment and reserve of volunteers for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

  [Concurrent] Guo Kai, Volunteer Manager of National Stadium

  Volunteers who have participated in testing activities will become the best seedlings for our Winter Olympics or prepare for selection of volunteers, that is, the best backbone. I hope that they will eventually become the backbone of our Winter Olympics volunteers and lead. Our volunteers demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of our contemporary youth.

  Reporting from Beijing by reporter Xu Pengpeng and Liu Chao

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】