The headquarter CCTV reporter learned from the Information Office of the Ganzi Prefecture Government of Sichuan that at 17:43 on April 8th, a forest fire broke out in Bailin Village, Sanyanlong Township, Jiulong County, Ganzi Prefecture. The Aviation Forest Guard Fire Station cooperates with each other from the ground and the air to carry out fire-fighting operations.

  The fire site is 3300 meters above sea level. There are five large smoke spots on the northeast line of the fire site, and three large smoke spots scattered on the southwest line. The forest is dominated by alpine pine and alpine oak. There are no important facilities and people living around the fire site.

As some smoke points are located on cliffs, the Southwest Airlines Forest Guard Fire Station dispatched 5 helicopters to carry out bucket fire extinguishing operations. At present, 14 barrels of 28 tons of operations have been completed.

  At the same time, 458 people from the Ganzi Prefecture Forest Fire Fighting Detachment and the professional fire fighting teams of Kangding City, Yajiang County, and Jiulong County launched the fire from the ground.

The Kowloon Professional Fire Fighting Brigade sent a reconnaissance team with communication equipment to set up an observation post on the other side of the fire scene for 24-hour observation.

The 80 people of the Ganzi Prefecture Forest Fire Fighting Detachment adopted a step-by-step relay method to set up water pumps to extinguish the fire. It is estimated that 32 water pumps will be erected and the hose laid for 2,880 meters. As of 10:30 on the 10th, 26 water pumps have been installed and the hose laid for 2340 meters. .

The 180 people from Kangding City, Yajiang County, and Jiulong Specialized Fire Fighting Team, and some 93 people from the State Forest Fire Fighting Detachment cut the isolation zone from the northern line of the fire site and divided them into 4 sections from top to bottom.

Excavation and felling of 20 meters has begun.

It is estimated that today (10th) the isolation zone will be excavated and felled 200 meters, and 100 semi-professional fire-fighting teams from Jiulong County will assist in the felling of the isolation zone and the erection of water pumps.

  Up to now, the fire area is about 10 acres, and the fire site has no tendency to spread.

The cause of the fire was initially determined to be caused by a lightning strike. Currently, the Forest Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Ganzi Prefecture and Jiulong County is investigating and collecting evidence.

(CCTV reporter Zhang Li)