, Hohhot, April 10 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 10th, in response to the recent Internet exposure of the "urban management vehicle in the middle of the road", the Hohhot Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau issued a notice stating that the parties were given serious warnings.

  In a video posted on the Internet, the video vehicle quickly passed between two vehicles while driving. One of them was a vehicle with the words "City Management Law Enforcement".

Soon after, the vehicle drove to the front of the video vehicle. After stepping on the brakes twice to stop the video vehicle, a man got out of the driving position and walked to the video vehicle. The latter drove away, and vehicles passed by from time to time.

  The report stated that on the afternoon of February 1, Gao Moumou, an assistant manager of the Hohhot Municipal Public Facilities and Pipeline Administration, drove a road inspection.

When passing the Niujiao Bridge at the intersection of East Second Ring Road and Yinhe North Street, Gao Moumou was forced to overtake a vehicle from behind when he was changing lanes. Gao Moumou did not calmly deal with the matter at the time, but passed the car and called a stop. I want to point out that the behavior of the driver of the vehicle is likely to cause hidden dangers in traffic accidents, but the driver of the vehicle did not pay attention to it and drove the vehicle away.

  It is reported that the party branch committee meeting of the Pipeline Bureau decided to give a serious warning to the person Gao Moumou. At the same time, the bureau will immediately carry out a comprehensive warning education to prevent similar incidents from happening again.