Governor Ono of Saitama Prefecture has indicated that Saitama Prefecture is not in a situation to request the government to apply the "priority measures such as prevention of spread" that have been decided to be applied to Tokyo, etc. He expressed his intention to proceed with the examination as soon as possible while assessing the infection status of the new coronavirus.

On the 10th, Saitama Prefecture held an expert meeting in which doctors and prefecture executives participated, and discussed "priority measures such as spread prevention" that were decided to be applied to Tokyo and other areas, and how to deal with the mutated novel coronavirus.

After the meeting, Governor Ohno, who responded to the interview, said about the application of "priority measures such as spread prevention" to Saitama Prefecture, "I thought that it was not at the stage of shifting to priority measures at this time. It is not always necessary to link with Tokyo. But we need to be extremely concerned. "

On top of that, Governor Ohno commented, "Experts say,'The situation may change in a short period of time, so it is necessary to closely monitor the infection situation next week and next week.' I don't know how the situation will be affected by such factors, so I would like to consider it at an early stage based on the opinions of experts. "