On the morning of the 10th, a man who was collecting wild plants with his wife was attacked by a brown bear and died in a forest in Akkeshi, Hokkaido.

The bear that attacked the man has left the scene and police are calling attention.

According to the police, before 11:00 am on the 10th, my wife reported that "My husband was attacked by a bear while my husband and wife were picking edible wild plants in the forest of Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido."

When police rushed to the scene, a man was found lying down in the forest with his head attacked, and he was confirmed dead on the spot.

According to police, the wife was picking edible wild plants a little away from her husband and said, "When I heard a scream and looked back, my husband was in a quarrel with a bear."

The wife also escaped from the scene and was not injured.

The brown bear that attacked the man has left the scene and is unknown.

The site is a mountain forest on the peninsula that protrudes into Akkeshi Bay, about 7 km southeast of Akkeshi Town Hall, and is far from the human settlement.

According to the police, brown bears wake up from hibernation during this period and become more active in search of food, so they are calling attention by patroling the area.