Lee Je-hoon revealed his charm.

Actor Lee Je-hoon appeared as a special MC in SBS'My Little Ugly' (hereinafter'Miwoo Bird'), which aired on the 11th.

In the broadcast that day, Lee Je-hoon drew attention by revealing that he could not escape if he fell in his own charm. So Jang-hoon Seo asked what was the biggest attraction to Lee Je-hoon.

Then Lee Je-hoon confidently said, "If you are talking about the biggest attraction, the time passes very quickly," and aroused laughter.

And Shin Dong-yeop asked Lee Je-hoon, "He said he said his face is a grumpy but his personality is a no-jam. Why do you think so?" Lee Je-hoon said, "I don't even have a horse around, and if I think about how people laugh well when I talk, it doesn't work. So I think that I'm not having fun," he said frankly.

Also, on this day, Lee Je-hoon picked driving the most caring about the filming of the drama'Exemplary Taxi'. He explained, "In general, driving scenes in dramas are shot with a vehicle on top of a tow truck, so you don't actually drive. But this time, you had to put a camera on the car and the actor had to drive it yourself," he explained.

He added, "I was surprised to see the scene of the car turning 180 degrees back in the movie. I actually experienced drifting while drawing skid marks, and I was surprised, but I think the viewers will like it." 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)