China News Service, Yinchuan, April 9 (Reporter Li Peishan) "In the Liupan Mountains, the southern and northern species intensively converge, and the density of the national first-class protected animals, North China leopard and forest musk deer, is also one of the highest in the country." April 9 Wang Fang, a researcher at the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University, was invited to participate in the "Bird Love Week" activity in Liupan Mountain Nature Reserve on June 29, and told reporters that with the increasing restoration of ecology, Liupan Mountain has become the most abundant biodiversity and the most species resources in the entire northwest region One of the most abundant and ecologically preserved areas.

North China leopard photographed in Liupanshan.

  Liupan Mountain is an important part of China's 32 inland biodiversity conservation priority areas.

Since its establishment, the Liupanshan National Nature Reserve has attached great importance to the protection of wild animals and plants. Taking the "Green Shield Operation" and "Cool Breeze Operation" as an opportunity, the reserve has successively carried out bird surveys, large beast surveys, and biodiversity. Special surveys such as the first-class and second-class forestry surveys have basically figured out the current situation of domestic wildlife resources and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of wildlife resources protection.

Red deer photographed in Liupanshan.

Photo courtesy of Liupanshan Forestry Bureau

  The good ecological environment has created the biodiversity of the Liupan Mountain region. At present, the Liupan Mountain National Nature Reserve has become a key area for wildlife protection in Ningxia, the northwest and even the whole country, and it has become the "wildlife kingdom".

  The latest monitoring and statistical data show that there are 273 species of 62 families and 25 orders of terrestrial vertebrates in the Liupanshan Nature Reserve, an increase of 53 species from the previous comprehensive survey.

Among them, 10 species of leopards, forest musk deer, and golden eagles are included in the national level I key protection, 4 more species than before the revision of the "List of Key Protected Wild Animals in Liupan Mountain Nature Reserve"; those included in the national level II key protection are There are 48 species including Golden Pheasant, 21 species more than before the "List" was revised.