Folk remedies .. Nature while she was a family doctor

Folk medicines in the "Heritage Crafts Village" wing.

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On a circular table in a corner of the wing of the "Heritage Crafts Village", small bowls filled with herbs and dried plant leaves, and some folk medicines that the Emirati family knew in the past, some of them ground and dried ingredients, and behind the table sits Hajjah Alia Saeed Salem, telling of the «Days Sharjah Heritage 18 »About the past of traditional folk medicines, their ancient uses and their benefits.

The image of the components of folk medicines is an artistic panel of colorful nature herbs, and it tells the story of people in the past having to seek help from folk medicine, in search of a cure for fever or headache and the rest of the body pain, while henna tops the list of plants used, as it is available in the form of powder and dried leaves.

Besides henna, black bean, fenugreek, thyme, turmeric, caramel, dried rose, and frankincense varieties appear.

The argument Alia says: "They were all mixed with ash and myrrh to remove bone and joint pain, and others to relieve pain caused by the presence of kidney stones, but the uses are specific and there is no room for improvisation."

Other mixtures reveal the simple methods that families resorted to using to treat the prevailing pain, and to the extent that herbs relieve pain as much as they reveal the popular wisdom in questioning nature and benefiting from its plants in treatment.

The picture of the components of folk medicines is a painting of colorful nature herbs.

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