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Charlyne Yi is categorical: "James Franco is a sexual predator".

This is what the actress wrote on her Instagram account when revealing the working conditions on

The Disaster Artist


The star of

Dr House

plays a small role, that of Safowa Bright, and denounces, in passing, the attitude of the entire production when she wanted to resign because of the behavior of James Franco, also director of the 2017 feature film. .

“When I tried to break the contract and quit filming

Disaster Artist

because James Franco is a sexual predator, they tried to buy me off by giving me a bigger role.

I cried and told them this was the exact opposite I wanted, that I didn't feel safe working with a fucking sexual predator.

They downplayed things by responding that saying of James Franco that he is a sexual predator is outdated and that he has changed… when I had just heard accusations of abuse of new women that same week, ”he said. writes the actress on the sidelines of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (a campaign to prevent sexual assault that takes place in April in the United States).

Seth Rogen accomplice and culprit

The Disaster Artist

, with and by James Franco, also included in the cast in one of the main roles Seth Rogen, that Charlyne Yi does not spare since he was also a producer.

It is indeed to him that she addressed her publication.

“Seth Rogen was one of the producers of this movie, so he's fully aware of how they wanted to buy me and why I left.

Seth also did a sketch on

Saturday Night Live

with Franco allowing Franco to prey on children.

Right after Franco got caught.

Franco has a long history of attacks on children.

This is in addition to all the corrupt laws made by violent white men that protect from predators.

Denigrating and / or passing off as crazy is a tactic that predators and those who allow this kind of behavior use.

It is psychological violence that has very serious consequences: survivors lose their sense of reality / intuition to protect themselves from further attacks, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, commit suicide, etc.

“, She added in comment.

Our file on James Franco

The interpreter of Dr. Chi Park in

Dr. House

adds that "those who facilitate [these assaults] are as toxic as the predators and are also aggressors" and says she is "disgusted by white men who choose power over the protection of children. and women ”.


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