Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has died -

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  • Prince Philip of England has passed away.

  • He had married Queen Elisabeth II in 1947 in London.

  • He carried the title of Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of the United Kingdom and had retired in the fall of 2017.

Prince Philip of England, husband of Queen Elisabeth II, died on Friday.

The Duke of Edinburgh was 99 years old.

Born June 10, 1921 in Corfu, Greece, Philip of Greece and Denmark is the youngest of four children.

His parents, Prince André of Greece and Princess Alice of Greece went into exile in France just before the proclamation of the Second Hellenic Republic.

Young Philip spent his childhood between France, Germany and England, educated by his grandmother and uncle.

He does not often see his parents, his father has moved to Monaco while his mother, suffering from schizophrenia, is interned.

A meeting that changes her life

In 1939, the Greek prince began his military career by joining the British Royal Navy.

The same year, he met Princess Elisabeth, who had come to visit Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth with her father, King George VI.

The young Elisabeth is then 13 years old.

Philip is five years older than her.

The two teenagers, 8th cousins ​​by Queen Victoria and 7th cousins ​​by King Charles IX of Denmark, then fall in love, and begin an epistolary romance.

Seven years later, the couple got engaged.

Prior to marriage, Philip renounces his title of Prince of Greece and Denmark, and converts to Anglicanism.

He then adopts his mother's name and becomes Philip Mountbatten.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in Ottawa in 1977 on the occasion of her Silver Jubilee year.

Ottawa, CANADA - 1977 - SIPA

On November 20, 1947, Philip and Elizabeth were married at Westminster Abbey, London.

The prince then receives the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

The day before, the king offered him the predicate of royal highness.

A year later, their son Charles was born.

In 1950, the one Prince Philip nicknamed “Lilibeth”, “Sausage” (translate “sausage”) or even “Darling” (“Darling” in French) gave birth to their only daughter, Anne.

The family grew even more when Andrew, who would become the Duke of York, was born in 1960. His last brother Edward, now Earl of Wessex closed the siblings in 1964. 

The reign of the queen

Elisabeth ascends to the throne and becomes queen in 1952, when her father has just died.

The Duke of Edinburgh gives up his naval duties and becomes prince consort and personal adviser to the queen.

To address him, he is called “Monsignor”.

“He has been, to put it simply, my strength and my prop for all these years,” the Queen confided in 1997. She named her husband Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He accompanies his wife on important trips, and later even nicknamed himself "the world expert in plaque inaugurations".

He even said in 2001 to the BBC: “Who cares what I think?


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, June 12, 2016 in London - BEN STANSALL AFP

Sensitive to ecology, he created in the early 1960s the World Wide Fund for Nature in the United Kingdom, the WWF, of which he was president for 21 years.

“If we have this extraordinary diversity on this planet, it seems terribly silly to destroy it.

Everyone has an equal right to exist here, ”he told the BBC.

For his 90th birthday in 2011, Prince Philip received the title of Lord Grand Admiral.

The same year, he explained to the BBC that he was thinking of retiring: "I did my job, I would like to enjoy it a little more now, to have less responsibilities".

In May 2017, a press release announced that "His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has decided to stop honoring public commitments from the fall".

His last appearance was on August 2, 2017.


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