On the 9th, Kei Komuro, the head of the Imperial Household Agency's aide department, who supports the Akishinomiya family, said that Mr. Kei Komuro published a document detailing the financial problems of his mother and his former fiancée. At the press conference, we revealed the acceptance of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino and Mako.

In this, Emperor Kaji said about Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, "It seems that the Komuro family made efforts to see the various measures taken to solve this problem. I have seen it. "

In addition, it was revealed that Mako was also consulting about the response of Mr. Komuro after the financial problem was reported, including the publication of this document.

And, in the description of the document, the basic principle is "Do not choose to hand over the money without any discussion, but discuss with the ex-fiancée about each other's perceptions and solve it after gaining their understanding." Regarding the policy, he said that he heard that Mako had a great intention.

On top of that, Emperor Kaji also introduced Mako's comment, saying, "I would be grateful if anyone could read the document announced this time and understand that there were various circumstances." I made it clear.

On the other hand, regarding the event for the postponed marriage, "I think that we will continue to consult with the people concerned about the specific schedule for the future. I will explain it at the appropriate time. I'm wondering if there is one. "