In Kanagawa Prefecture, it was announced on the 9th that a total of 168 people were newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

The number of infected people announced in the prefecture per day was the second highest after the 175 people on the 8th since the 21st of last month when the state of emergency was lifted.

Also, there are 35 more people than Friday a week ago.

Meanwhile, it was announced that a total of two people, a man in his 70s and a woman in his 80s, who live in Yokohama, have died.

According to NHK's summary, the number of infected people announced in the prefecture is now 49,235, of which 795 have died.

9 confirmed mutant strains

Kanagawa Prefecture announced on the 9th that it was newly confirmed that nine men and women in their 20s to 60s living in the prefecture were infected with the mutated coronavirus.

According to the prefecture, new infections with the mutant virus were confirmed:

▼ 1 male and 1 female in their




male and 1 female in their



▼ 1 female in their 40s,

▼ 2 men and 1 woman in their 50s,

1 man in their

60s, 9 people in total.

In both cases, infection with the new coronavirus was confirmed from the end of last month to the beginning of this month, and investigations of close contacts of people who were announced as infected and already confirmed as mutant viruses, and screening tests by the government and the private sector It turned out in.

Since all the symptoms are mild or asymptomatic, we are conducting a detailed examination to find out in which country the mutant virus has spread.

In Kanagawa prefecture, people infected with the mutant virus have been confirmed one after another, and this brings the total to 114 people.