Do you know that?

You just want to relax for two or three minutes, open Netflix and bang - four days away?

It's similar to me with “Germany's Next Top Model”.

I have just asked myself about the starting order who will be the first candidate to be really annoying, 10 weeks have passed and Linda is history again.

Your expulsion drastically reduces the drama factor in the model loft from "Lou and Lisha in the stars' summer house" to "Florian Silbereisen is now the captain of the dream ship".

But great gain can grow from great loss.

You not only learn that in free courses from self-appointed Facebook finance gurus, it also applies to the ProSieben Model Circus: Now that Linda has been sent to the eternal GNTM hunting grounds, 80 percent of the speeches have to be redistributed.

Maybe someone like Luca will be able to say something in the future.

Less to be seen than Luca in the last few weeks was at most Lena Meyer-Landrut - but she was voluntary.

But even without Lena Meyer-Landrut, GNTM comes up with real stars.

The girls meet the comedy idol of their youth today.

The twelve remaining candidates are on average 20.5 years old.

Your idol is therefore of course: Otto Waalkes!

The Holladihiti hero from a time when comedians were still comedians and the parents of girls in kindergarten.

But they suspect nothing of it.

All they are told is that they need to learn text for a video shoot and then there will be a surprise.

And what can be a surprise for the generation “crass” (as the youthful vernacular now uses instead of “remarkable”)?

An SPD poll result of more than 15 percent?

That Rezo has not long been Chancellor?

A Temptation Island candidate with a high school diploma?


Regardless, there is no room for time-consuming reflection anyway.

The girls have to deliver!

Usually they slip into haute couture dresses for the challenges.

Well, except when Rankin is taking pictures.

Then they usually slip into next to nothing.

Today, however, they slip into roles.

As actresses, you should convey three emotions: sadness, euphoria, anger.

Sounds like a new album by Matthias Schweighöfer, but it is the briefing for Klum's video shoot, which is to take place in a typical Berlin location.

A Späti.

For all non-Berliners: Späti is not the name of all party members of the Greens who have still not bought a Tesla, but the abbreviation for “Spätverkaufsstelle”.

In other words, a kiosk that can remain ready for sale well beyond the usual opening times.

On the other hand, Otto is successful far beyond the normal opening times.

He looks back on almost 50 years in show business.

He is the oldest man next to Heidi Klum since Flavio Briatore.

The range of a Spätis consists primarily of alcohol, sweets and cigarettes.

The latter shows Linda's de-registration in the previous week in a different light.

Was Linda only sacrificed out of fear that she would clear out the fluff shelves of the Spätis and go on the run with cigarettes worth 20,000 euros?


The appearance of Emden's most famous son is a dream for me, because I loved Ottifant even as a little girl.

More catastrophic than this gag is only the hairstyle that Yasmin has to share with Ashley and Romina for the shoot: They go to the GNTM-Späti-Fasching as a corona virus.

Yasmin, that's the top contender for the title “Germany's Next Toplegs”.

Heidi Klum regularly freaks out when she looks at Yasmin's legs.

Most of the time, the leg is touched.

It is not at all embarrassing when the girls finally become aware of their big surprise.

In the person of the official Curvy candidate Dasha.

She had previously hoped: “The main thing is that it's not a comedian who does something funny”.

She's lucky there, it's just Otto.

Most of the candidates know Otto as the voice of Sid, the sloth from "Ice Age".

When the announcement is made, some look as if they were thinking: “Is that the inventor of the Otto catalog?” Don't laugh!

That would make perfect sense.

For example, Otto also has GNTM main sponsor AboutYou.

That would come full circle.


Dasha is brilliant as an actress and even snatches his guitar from Otto, on which he originally wanted to jumble down his prepared humor salvos.

In an almost meta-level performance art action, Dasha (sitting in an 80s balloon silk jogger on the floor of the Späti) belts out the official anthem of all GNTM critics: "How should a person endure this" by Philipp Poisel, the second most famous poet from Ludwigsburg.

Only Friedrich Schiller is a little more famous.

Although he was not born in Ludwigsburg, he is an honorary citizen there.

Poisel, who is often confused with an illegitimate son of Matthias Reim, for some inexplicable reason not (maybe start a petition here, dear Poisel fan base).

However, Schiller lived in Ludwigsburg from 1766 to 1773.

Otto Waalkes should have known him personally.

The young models were not alone in front of the camera

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

The video shoot went surprisingly bad for some girls.

Elisa, for example, receives a certificate from Heidi Klum: "I didn't buy it from you".

That is of course bad, especially in a Späti.

Ana is even less fluid (haha).

She obviously gets diarrhea before the shoot: "Before Heidi comes out of me so much that I didn't even know was inside of me".

Ashley can't score either.

The day of shooting is overshadowed by Romy's voluntary exit.

That too comes unexpectedly, but is part of a record-breaking resignation round.

During this GNTM season, more towels are thrown than at Mallorcan hotel pools during the main season.

If this continues, there will soon be more voluntary exits than expulsions.

Then it is getting tight to get ten girls for the top 10 in the end.

After Romy has checked out, only 11 girls return to the model loft.

Your exit hits many hard.

Another surprise provides a little distraction: Dasha, Romina, Ashley, Ana and Elisa are allowed to the casting.

Although it's officially about cars, the casting surprisingly takes place without a Lu-Car.

The high school graduate from Bitterfeld-Wolfen-Bobbau has to stay in the loft.

By the way, Bitterfeld-Wolfen-Bobbau is a town in Saxony-Anhalt and not a law firm.

No Luca - and almost worse: no car.

It's about the Opel Mokka.


Team Opel appears with its head of marketing and brand ambassador Marcel Opeltag.

Uh, Easter day.

Marcel Ostertag!

Today for Dasha is Easter and Christmas Day in one: "Many can make this journey if they take themselves into their own hands".


Unfortunately, Romina then picks up not herself, but above all not her ears.

Romina Palm, who was already successful as an influencer before GNTM, already had 80,000 followers at the time of the casting, but did not really listen to the instructions.

Almost lethargic, she follows the speeches, but does not notice the crucial parts.

The Opel competence team criticizes accordingly: "She didn't tell us her story, she told the camera".

That's bad, of course, especially with a TV commercial.

Romina therefore has no chance at the job.

Romina, or as they say in the Ruhr area: "Giovanni Zarrella the brother his Olle".

Still, she doesn't have to be sad.

On the one hand, she is still one of the favorites for the final.

In addition, she is financially fine, after all, her family invented palm oil.

She will also be comforted by the fact that she now has 277,000 followers.

Or as they say in the influencer scene: 153 Opel Mokkas.

Ana doesn't get the job either.

In the mini jury made up of Marcel Opeltag plus Marketing Manager, more candidates fail the TV spot test than Opel Mokkas fail the TÜV.

Ana, for example, time will be fatal.

So not the weekly newspaper, which does it accurately itself, but the seconds.

She has 30 of them, but speaks 120. That annoys the men at Opel.

Yes, Ana has to be more careful!

This is how it works in real model life!

Nobody stops for you, nobody tells you when the spot should end and there is no text.

You have to improvise.

If you don't notice exactly when the half minute is up, that's it. You have to know.

Many modeling careers have already ended with jobs at Opel.

Every now and then a model didn't have a stopwatch with her, just kept talking and after about three days everyone involved fell into a coma.

In order to compensate for her dropouts during the Otto shoot, Ashley wins the Opel casting and becomes the face of the new Mocha commercial.

Elisa was also bad the day before, but cannot counter with a job.

So she sits alone in the bedroom in the evening and looks depressed.

Empathy redhead Romina notices her and wants to console her.

But Elisa doesn't really know what's going on herself: “I have a few thoughts”.

It almost sounds a bit painful, as if thoughts are an illness.

Although there is no aspirin for thoughts, Romina still does not call the emergency doctor directly.

In episode 10: Comedy legend Otto Waalkes as a guest judge

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

The nice thing about GNTM is that there is often a chance to make amends.

So also for Elisa.

The next day is namely the Elimination Walk.

Contrary to what was hoped for after the Opel fiasco, the girls don't run in Marcel Ostertag, but in clothes by designer Esther Perbandt.

Perbandt's looks are inspired by the Berlin techno club scene.

Accordingly, the girls look like at a carnival party in Berghain, where everyone goes chimney sweeps.

With Pippi Longstocking braids.

Braided blindfold.

From Joko and Klaas.

After 34 whiskey-cola.

In addition, Esther Perbandt's beauty team gives the girls an eyebrow bleaching.

This announcement creates more excitement than before the makeover.

When it goes out onto the catwalk (today staged as a dim techno barn including a laser show ordered on Wish), Otto is back too.

He gives the candidates all sorts of wisdom on the way.

However, he keeps his best tip for the runway to himself.

That would be (attention, friends of the bad pun have to be really careful now): "Otto, walk it!"

N / A?

Have your synapses recovered from this gem of language culture?

Then hold on, it continues disturbingly: The weekly past perfect lesson from Heidi Klum goes to Romina today.

Not an Opel job, even though she only had four competitors instead of ten: “This time you were only five”.

This deal is running between ProSieben and ZDF to provide educational equalization: every time Heidi Klum uses past perfect, Markus Lanz has to invite Karl Lauterbach to his talk show.

Speaking of bad puns: No matter how loud you hear Bach, Karl hears Lauterbach.

And no matter how much you would like to fly somewhere again, nobody flies today.

Since Romy took himself off the field, model trainer Klum leaves all eleven current aspirants on the field.

The top 10 will not be chosen until next week.

Until then, have a nice week!

Marie von den Benken

Source: Tristar Media / Getty Images

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