Under pressure in the face of the third wave, the Parisian hospitals of the AP-HP can count on the support of caregivers in the Basque Country.

At the Marin d'Hendaye hospital, several nurses have left or will soon be leaving for the Paris region, to assist their colleagues.

Faced with the influx of covid-19 patients in Parisian hospitals, solidarity between the regions is being put in place.

At the Hôpital Marin d'Hendaye, which depends on the AP-HP, several caregivers from the Basque Country must leave in the coming days for the Ile-de-France region to support the teams already present on site.

At the microphone of Europe 1, Julie, nursing assistant in the Basque hospital, takes over the management of the Antoine-Béclère site in Clamart to be trained there.

“Normally, there is a three-day immersion course directly there, because resuscitation is a special service,” she explains.


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Ten nurses and nursing aides are already present in Ile-de-France or are preparing to take over for missions of at least 15 days.

All are volunteers.

For the crisis medical director of the Marin d'Hendaye hospital, Brigitte Soudrie, this solidarity is necessary in the face of the situation.

"Three nurses, that's one more sheave bed. Twenty more people, that's X beds that can work. In addition, the people who have left will go to work in 12 hours. This is a major implication," she insists. 

Many volunteers

To manage to send staff to Ile-de-France, the Hendaye hospital has made numerous reorganization efforts, explains the director of the marine hospital.

"It is not enough either to be able to go back on days of rest or overtime. It is also deprogramming unfortunately, but of course, much less important than in other sectors, in particular of surgery", assures Delphine Bart .

"The establishment's medical team is also making an effort of solidarity, since we have closed a sector with ten beds to allow staff to be recovered and redispatched on absences inherent in the Parisian reinforcements." 

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In this hospital, the idea of ​​helping teams from Ile-de-France is attractive.

The number of volunteers is thus greater than the number of reinforcement missions programmed for the moment.

Proof of the commitment of the Basque medical team, two nurses from the Marin hospital announced that they would stay two more weeks with their Parisian colleagues.