[Explanation] Uniform movements, youthful smiles, and spirited state, this is the feeling of the elderly square dance club in Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province during the rehearsal. The 83-year-old Hu Hui is their person in charge, not only Is it the person in charge of the square dance club or the well-known local "net celebrity grandma", don’t look at Grandma Hu’s age, she told reporters that she has been online for 17 years, online shopping, live broadcast, short video platform They all have fun, and some even outperform young people. Older people have to keep pace with the times, as long as they are willing to learn if there is nothing difficult.

  [Concurrent] Hu Hui, Internet expert

  I'm not just dancing square dancing, I'm trying to do everything, I'm curious, and there's something new in the phone, I'm going to learn it right away.

?? I said Douyin,?? I do live broadcast,?? I still sing K song,?? Anyway?? Which new high-tech I have to learn,?? Follow the times,?? Elderly Can not be eliminated by the times.

?? So?? Bring the sisters?? ran forward together.

  [Explanation] In recent years, Hu Hui has played live broadcast again. Whether it is introducing the customs of Wuzhen or the dance team’s new dance, she is willing to share with netizens. She thinks the interaction on the live broadcast is very fresh and interesting.

  [Concurrent] Hu Hui, Internet expert

  My freshest?? live broadcast.

????Sometimes their reporters come, I will go with them,?? After I go?? Bring the live broadcast,?? After bringing them, I will introduce the beautiful scenery of Wuzhen to the scenic area. ,?? So the humanities of Wuzhen,?? Sometimes I live broadcast myself??, I do live broadcast myself,?? I changed to a new dance,?? I will introduce to netizens,?? Today we learned the new dance, ?? Show it to them.

???? Later I found that this is pretty good, ?? because of my live broadcast ???? Everyone outside can see them, they all come in, come in to like, come in to comment, ?? I think?? This is for me A fresh feeling.

  [Commentary] Hu Hui introduced that she has lived in Wuzhen for 40 years, and the changes in Wuzhen have been earth-shaking. With the radiation effect brought about by the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen in recent years, Wuzhen and the people of Wuzhen are even more involved. Digital "tip of the wave".

  [Concurrent] Hu Hui, Internet expert

  Because I have been in Wuzhen for forty years, ?? Wuzhen at that time and Wuzhen now, that’s really?? Don’t say it, it’s incomparable.

Although it is very close to Tongxiang, there are no roads. It only depends on a ship, such as Papa Papa (motor boat). Now, let’s go to Tongxiang in half an hour. It will cost 4 at that time. hour.

Now it’s transportation?? It’s also very good, like our group of elderly people, anyway, one card can be swiped,?? Some are divided into several types of cards for the elderly and respect for the elderly. ?? Come in, we don’t want to buy money in the wallet, I go out to buy things,?? Never bring money without money,?? Just a mobile phone.

  [Explanation] There are still a large number of elderly people like Hu Hui in Wuzhen. They embrace the Internet and the development of the times. The local government is also actively exploring smart elderly care and community smart facilities to provide more services and services to the elderly in their later years. Greater convenience.

Today, Zhejiang is striving to become an important window for fully demonstrating the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics in the new era. With the Internet as an exploration path, Zhejiang will actively carry out measures to empower science and technology, share wisdom, and win-win people's livelihood in more fields.

  [The same period] (local resident Peng Liwen) (local resident Wu Yuehua) (local resident Shen Peiying) (Internet expert Hu Hui)

  When you buy things online, you can buy things online, and all these people are experts, and they know how to do it.

  [In the same period] Shen Peiying, a local resident?? What kind of WeChat shopping, Internet,?? What to pay on Alipay, life is much easier.

  [Concurrent] Hu Hui, Internet expert

  I am very satisfied with my life now.

With the development of the times and the progress of society, life is definitely still getting better and better.

?? So I?? yearn for a better life.

Zhejiang?? Uplifting, Wuzhen is also upgrading, then our life must be up, so I am looking forward to the future life is better and better than now.

?? I want to live a few more years.


  Shen Yishan Zang Chengeng reports from Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]