Xinhuanet, Beijing, April 8th (Reporter Zhang Chun) After a period of silence, the costume drama returns in 2021.

"Douluo Dalu", "Zuo Son-in-law", "Shangyang Fu", "Jade Heart Like Jade", "Shanhe Ling", "Da Song Gong Ci" and many other costume dramas appeared one after another, with a large number and diverse themes, but the market is picking up At the same time, it also presents a situation of uneven quality and uneven reputation.

Diverse types of "gong fighting" no longer

  The costume dramas recently broadcast are no longer limited to the themes of the court palaces in the past, but more expansion directions, focusing on common people's life, market culture, and emphasizing positive factors such as traditional culture and motivation.

It is not difficult to see that in order to be broadcast safely, most of the works are evading the colors of "gong fighting", "management", and "joking".

  Most of the costume dramas that have appeared since the beginning of this year are adapted from IP. "Brilliant Heart Like Jade" is adapted from "Sister's Guide"; "Zuo Son" is adapted from the novel of the same name on the Chinese website of the starting point; "The Order of Mountains and Rivers" is adapted from Priest. The novel "The End of the World"; "The Continent of Douluo" is adapted from the novel of the same name by the three young masters of the Tang family... This kind of work is mostly the content of the age, and adds elements such as legends and fairy tales, constantly seeking new changes and attracting attention.

  In terms of story time and background, among the few works with real dynasties, they are no longer limited to Qing court dramas around Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong, but focus on the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and other eras.

And strive to find the story elements that meet the needs of contemporary audiences, combine historical symbols and the concept of the times, and inject new and more meaningful content into the costume dramas, bringing changes and improvements to the works.

Big production and strong lineup does not mean good reputation

  With the rapid changes in audience tastes, the trend of the drama market is difficult to determine. Large production and strong lineup are no longer necessary conditions for the audience to choose dramas. More and more dramas do not have luxurious lineups and investments, and still rely on new and ingenious content, The wonderful plot has won recognition from the audience.

  The "Big Song Palace Ci", which was launched not long ago, was directed by Li Shaohong and played by Liu Tao and Zhou Yu. It has a strong lineup and excellent production. Despite the specially constructed Northern Song Dynasty palace complex, the family banquet scene of "Han Xizai Night Banquet" was restored to the maximum extent. It is difficult to conceal the fact that the plot is inaccurate and the editing is inaccurate. The excessive pursuit of form exceeds the creation of the essence of the story, which ultimately leads to the imbalance of content and the decline of reputation.

  Works that are also well-capitalized and supported by leading actors include "Shangyang Fu" starring Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yiwei, Yu Hewei, etc. The pursuit of excellence in production and large investment in the big scene, but the serious injury of the plot, which caused a large number of audiences. Lost, word-of-mouth failure.

  Whether it’s "The Great Song Palace Ci" or "Shangyang Fu", works of this kind may still have a place when the "big heroine" drama was popular a few years ago, but in the current drama market, the "big girl" "The main" costume drama has experienced repeated superposition and strengthening of "Zhen Huan's Biography", "Miyue Biography", "Ruyi's Biography" and so on, and it is difficult to create new characters and bridges.

  On the other hand, the costume dramas that have recently received favorable comments, either with new content or a unique perspective based on the market, it can be seen that there is an excellent story core, coupled with excellent visual effects, and the inside and outside are commensurate, to truly make a movie. Good drama.