Broadcaster Park Soo-hong was hurt by a person, but showed tears as he revealed the story he endured with his cat'Da Hong-i'.

There was no direct mention of the suspicion of his brother's embezzlement, but his feelings were conveyed, creating regret.

Park Soo-hong appeared on MBC's'Radio Star', which aired on the 7th, and revealed the story behind Dahong as a cat.

Park Soo-hong remembered his first meeting with Dahong, saying, "I was scared of cats. One day, because there was a cat in the fishing ground, he came to me.

"Dahhong was in a sick state. I was going to send him for adoption, but after falling away from me, I lost my motivation. I went to pick it up in a day, and as soon as I got into my car, I had a bowel movement that I had endured." The late Dahong showed affection.

In particular, Park Soo-hong said, "Dahhong saved me when I was going through a difficult time in my life." "My birthday and'Black Cat's Day' were the same. It was so creepy," and stressed that meeting with Dahong is fate.

Park Soo-hong's emaciated appearance caused worries around him.

Park Gyeong-rim, who played an active part in a combination with Park Soo-hong in the 2000s, said, "I saw it often, but after Corona 19, I only talked on the phone."

When MC Kim Gura said, "I went to the waiting room, and I was talking with Park Soo-hong, and Kyung-rim was trying to cry," Park Kyung-rim said, "I lost 15kg while I didn't see it," and expressed concern for Park Soo-hong.

Then Park Soo-hong expressed his gratitude to Park Kyung-rim, saying, "I always take care of you."

On the broadcast that day, Park Soo-hong did not bring up any suspicion of his brother's embezzlement or a legal battle.

However, he indirectly mentioned the dispute with his brother, saying, "There was a case of being hurt by a person," and "I then became more dependent on Dahong, and I understood Dahong's heart like my own."

In addition, he explained that Dahong is afraid of water, but believes in his dad Park Soo-hong and patiently takes a bath. He said, "There was a part that people had to endure." I received it."

Park Soo-hong brought out an anecdote in which he fought with his colleague Choi Seung-gyeong due to a small misunderstanding in the past.

Park Soo-hong said, "I guess I fought very well at that time," and said, "There is a scary side when I'm angry. I don't lose if I really fight. If a weak person really decides, I won't lose."

At the same time, "I don't know if I'm alone, but even to protect Dahong. The reason I make money, the reason I live without dying, is because I have a person to protect. I will never lose."

In the end, Park Soo-hong said, "I had a medical checkup a while ago, but the video was not good. I know that a person can only get to the bottom to get up. It's too hard, so I blame myself and can't eat and sleep well. At that time, Da Hong Teeth came in front of my eyes and kept blinking. I grew up looking at me. I was comforted by him and overcame the part I had been hurt by people," and showed tears in the feelings of excitement.

However, Park Soo-hong, who was able to overcome Dahong thanks to him, expressed his strong attitude, saying, "Now I have a dream about protecting Dahong and my family. It has changed a lot."

[Photo = MBC broadcast capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)