There is a lot of interest in the new corona trial events.

For example, concerts sell out within minutes and so far more than ten thousand agreements have been made for the rapid tests that grant access to Keukenhof and more than twenty monuments that open their doors Friday to Sunday.

In total, about fifteen thousand appointments have been made, of which five thousand for activities after the weekend.

This is reported by Tom Middendorp, chairman of the board of, who speaks of "an enormous need to get out and about again".

This month, the government is allowing public at more than 500 different events.

The condition is that visitors have themselves tested at affiliated rapid test lanes and receive a negative result.

These are small events, with a few dozen to hundreds of people in the audience.

Exceptions are the sports competitions.

7,500 people are allowed to attend the Ajax-AZ match.

The trial events test, among other things, whether people are willing to be tested in order to attend events.

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Not all stages have started ticket sales

During the sold-out concerts of the Concertgebouw Orchestra (Friday evening 16 April) and the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (Sunday morning 18 April), 425 interested parties can visit the hall.

A concert in the Burgerweeshuis in Deventer with 250 people and a concert with 150 people in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht are also sold out.

A performance in MartiniPlaza in Groningen for 450 people is almost sold out.

Not all music venues, theaters and other locations have started their ticket sales yet.

The Melkweg in Amsterdam, for example, only starts with ticket sales on Friday.