It is difficult to hire a car driver with a monthly salary of 20,000. What is causing the imbalance between supply and demand?

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  The income of technical blue-collar workers is higher than that of white-collar workers, which is the future trend.

  Receiving express delivery has become the daily life of Chinese people. Express delivery cannot do without logistics, and logistics cannot do without trucks.

Unexpectedly, according to media reports, some companies in Shenzhen have paid 20,000 yuan a month for the current chauffeur driver, but they still cannot recruit people.

A random search on the Internet reveals that a large number of companies are recruiting high-paying car drivers with A2 driving licenses.

  Although this phenomenon is unexpected, after a little analysis, it is not difficult to find that it is in fact reasonable.

  Driving a towing truck requires a Class A driver’s license, which is very difficult to apply for.

The age must be over 26 years old and under 50 years old.

Large vehicles require a height of 1.55 meters or more, and they can only apply for the exam at the place of household registration.

Before applying for the test, you must have a B-type driver's license and have a driving experience of more than 5 years. A C1 driver's license is required for the A3 test. The driving experience is more than 3 years, and there is no record of 12 points in this scoring cycle and the most recent scoring cycle before the application.

Even if you get a driver's license, there is still a one-year internship period. During this period, you can't carry a trailer or go on a high-speed.

  Each of the above standards is a threshold. According to the principles of economics, scarcity determines the price.

By the same token, with the advent of online car-hailing, the income level of taxis has dropped again and again.

In fact, the fundamental reason is that the scarcity of the skills required by taxis has greatly decreased.

  However, the high technical content of the towing car, or the complicated and long-term acquisition process, determines its relative scarcity, and the wage level is naturally high.

  Judging from the time it took to obtain a Class A driver's license, a driver who is qualified to drive a tractor is at least 30 years old.

People in this age group are all old and young, and the economic burden is heavy. Then, the economic burden will naturally serve as a cost requirement to push up the wage level.

  Moreover, driving a tractor is quite hard work.

Driving a truck on the road for many years and traveling every day, it is difficult to reunite with my family and can't take care of the children.

Moreover, long-distance driving is also risky.

If you are not overloaded, you will not make money. If you are overloaded, you will have to pay high tolls. After these fees are calculated, you will not make much money in one trip, and you will have to bear great risks.

Therefore, young people are naturally unwilling to do it.

  Therefore, although the salary of 20,000 yuan includes board and lodging, it is impossible to recruit people because the salary is not high enough.

  Of course, from a larger perspective, it is a normal phenomenon that young people are unwilling to be chauffeured drivers.

Waiters, drivers, these relatively lack of room for growth, young people do not like to do, it is also normal.

  China is full of young people because of the demographic dividend. As the degree of urbanization deepens and the demographic dividend decreases, different occupations will show different age structures.

Faced with actual changes, employers need to keep up with the changes in the age structure of the labor force in terms of employment strategies.

  Judging from the current situation, if logistics and freight companies still want to maintain the current order volume, they may still need to increase their salary and treatment bargaining chips to attract drivers to apply for employment.

In the long run, under the influence of market laws, after the labor supply market is adjusted, the employment gap for car drivers will also be eased.

  □Liu Yuanju (Columnist)