A variety of search questions apps make the answers to homework exercises at your fingertips.

  search questions apps really help learning or are they lazy?

  The answer comes as soon as the phone is tapped.

In recent years, the photo search app has become a drainage tool for many online education platforms.

"User experience" is getting better and better, making many student groups highly dependent on it.

Accompanying it is the controversy that continues to heat up: Does this kind of App help children learn or encourage their inertia?

  Some experts and educators believe that the current function of the photo search app is still being upgraded, and the penetration rate among students continues to increase.

In this context, it is necessary to reflect on its role and standardize the marketing and promotion of sales points.

  By Xinhua News Agency reporters He Xinrong, Wu Zhendong, Hu Jiefei

  Do you really study or copy homework if you take a picture?

  "If there is a problem with homework, just pat on the problem" "Little monkey search for a question, pat on it, and learn"... For primary and middle school students in the Internet age, various search apps make the answers to homework exercises at your fingertips.

  "When you encounter a question you can't do, take a picture, and the answer will come out. Now it is really inseparable from it." Hu Yunfan, a middle school student in Pudong New District, Shanghai, made no secret of his reliance on such apps.

He said that although he knew this was bad in his heart, he became a habit over time.

  "Schools usually don't let them use them, but they can still be used when they go home." Hu Yunfan said that almost every student in the class has a mobile phone, and there are at least two or three search-question apps in the mobile phone.

  Huang Ziqi, a senior high school student in a middle school in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, said that the problem sets in high schools now generally have answers, and they can be corrected after they are done.

When you encounter a problem that has no answer, you usually have to think about it. If you can't figure it out, use the Search Question App to see the problem-solving process.

"But in the hands of those students who are relatively weak in self-control, the SouTi App can easily become their copying homework tool. They used to copy their classmates when there was no App. Now it is more convenient to copy with an App."

  For online education platforms, the photo search app has a high user stickiness, so it can be called a "drainage tool."

The major platforms continue to upgrade their functions, aiming to provide a better "user experience".

  For example, an app called "Quick Assignment" does not require students to take photos one by one to search for questions. They can easily get the answer analysis of the entire book by scanning the barcode of the teaching aid materials.

There is a "Question Paipai" app that claims to have signed 100 "question solvers" from Tsinghua and Peking University to provide online "free answering" services.

  Students are "like sweets", teachers and parents worry

  For many parents and teachers, the more they are "satisfied" with the photo search app, the more worried they are.

  The answer is searched, but the thinking ability is not searched.

"I can't say that I hate it, but it must do more harm than good." Ling Luxuan, a teacher at Yichuan Middle School in Putuo District, Shanghai, is a third-grade class teacher. She and her colleagues are very resolute about this type of app-"one size fits all" students are prohibited from using it. .

  "When the homework is handed in, 80% of the students are doing very well, but when it comes to the exam, 50% of the question types are often not mastered." Ling Luxuan said that the current education orientation is to cultivate students' independent thinking ability. Many students To get the answers directly through the search question app, there is no learning and thinking process at all, and it is difficult for the teacher to judge the true learning level of the students.

  As competition intensifies, many search title apps have also introduced new ones, claiming "millisecond response" and "determining with the shooting", which makes some students' reliance on the app continue to increase.

  During the interview, students, parents and teachers generally reported that the accuracy of the photo search app was not satisfactory.

Guo Yan, a parent of a third-grade primary school student in Shanghai, told reporters: “When tutoring children in their studies, some of the math problems in the school are not very good. You need to refer to the search question app, but after a long time, I found that the answers to this type of app are also Not necessarily correct, the error rate is estimated to be above 10%."

  The reporter learned that at present, "Question Paipai" and other companies have launched part-time answering services. Eligible college students can earn money by answering questions by "grabbing orders".

Due to the uneven level of the respondents, many answers are incorrect, which is misleading to students.

  "Every day after school, I said to search for questions and study. The mobile phone is used for three or four hours. I don't know if it is true or not." A parent of a junior student in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province was a little worried about the recent abnormal behavior of the child. .

  According to the observation of Yang Shengmei, a teacher at Liqiao Middle School in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, it is not ruled out that some students are really learning, but there are not a few students who have obtained mobile phone control in the name of search title.

  Facing the technical double-edged sword, thinking training is more important than getting answers

  "A good education is a slow growth, allowing you to be in a daze, and you can have whimsical ideas, instead of constantly scoring points in a standardized competition channel." Law professor Luo Peixin believes that the photo search app saves the students. The pain of thinking also wiped out the children's true happiness.

  Chen Hongkong, secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School, said that technology is a double-edged sword and the key depends on how to use it.

In recent years, the photo search apps that have appeared in recent years, for children with weak self-control, the negative effect is definitely greater than the positive effect, which can easily lead to laziness and the habit of copying homework.

  "We do not allow students to use this kind of App in school, and do not encourage them to use it outside of school. But at the same time, we must also consider the objective situation. For example, parents can refer to some problem-solving processes from the App, and then guide the lower grade children's homework in a targeted manner." Chen Hongkong said that good education includes guidance and companionship. In addition to teachers, families should also help children develop correct study habits.

  Wu Zunmin, a professor of the Department of Education of East China Normal University, believes that "problem solving" as one of the educational processes is not just about getting an answer, but also in the training of thinking methods, the training of will and quality, and the cultivation of innovative spirit.

  The interviewed experts said that the photo search app hyped a "photo-get-away" and continuously improved the so-called "user experience", which to a certain extent disrupted the laws of education.

It can be said that the faster the App answers, the better, and the easier it is to encourage the inertia of students with poor self-control.

At the same time, it is difficult for teachers to grasp the true learning level of students.

  "Never do it, know how to do it, know how to do it, and think, this should be what a student really learns in solving problems." Wu Zunmin said that the normative constraints of the photo search app must form a multi-party joint effort.

Schools should inform parents of the drawbacks of such apps and guide them to use them reasonably. Parents should also gradually change their mentality and be less eager for quick success and quick gains in marketing such as scoring and promotion.